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Priority 1: Military Spousal Preference

Spouse of active duty military members of the Armed Forces. 

Preference applies to jobs graded at NF-3 and below, Craft and Trades and Child and Youth position. Preference applies to any job that is open to competition in accordance with merit staffing practices. Spouse preference may be exercised once for each permanent relocation of the military sponsor. The spouse must have been married to the military sponsor before relocation to the new duty station.

The time period of spouse preference eligibility begins 30 days before the military sponsor’s reporting date to the new duty location. It continues during the entire tour unless placement into, or declination of, any offer of a regular full time (RFT) or regular part time (RPT) position at any grade level. Head of local NAFI’s may non-select eligible
spouses during the last 6 months of the sponsor’s tour.

Spouse preference may be exercised once for each permanent relocation of the military sponsor, as follows: 

A. Spouses may apply to vacancies using MSP until such time as they accept or decline a RFT or RPT position. Once a contingent offer of employment is made for a RFT or RPT position, the spouse will lose their MSP eligibility.

 B. There is no limit to the number of times that a spouse may apply to vacancies using MSP and may simultaneously apply for positions under this preference (as long as they are not made a contingent offer of  RFT or RPT employment). 

Priority 2: Transition Assistance Employment Preference

Members of the Armed Forces, and their dependents:

A. Who were involuntarily separated, as defined in 10 U.S.C. 1141;  

B. Who were separated under the Special Separation Benefit, as defined in U.S.C. 1174a; or 

C. Who separated the Voluntary Separation Incentive, as defined in U.S.C 1175. 

Eligible individuals may receive a preference in hiring only once.

Applicants requesting consideration must submit their DD Form 1173 over-stamped with “TA” to the NAF personnel office where consideration is desired. 

Priority 3: Command Sponsored Family Members

Family members of active duty military members and civilian employees stations in foreign areas.

Preference is for all NAF jobs. Preferences apply when not at variance with the Status of Forces Agreements, country-to-country agreements, treaties, or as prescribed by DoDI 17400.23.

Military spouses who have accepted or declined a RFT or RPT position within NAF or APF billets, will become eligible for consideration under Priority 3.

This status does not apply to family members of locally hired civilian employees. (DODI 1400.25, Volume 1232)


Priority 4: U.S. Citizen without SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement)/All Others

This priority applies to those who do not fall under Priorities 1-3 (as identified above).

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Irene Boley

• Business Operations
      ►   Lodging
      ►   Golf Club
      ►   Bowling
      ►   Automotive Services
      ►   Tours Plus
      ►   Scuba Program
      ►   Custom Shop and Framing
      ►   Clubs and Restaurants
      ►   Special Events

Lindsay Tillery

• Executive Branch
• Community Services Coordination
• Deployed Exercise Support Branch
• Internal Control Branch
• Legal Branch
• Financial Branch
• Information Management Branch
• Marketing
• NAF Human Resources Branch
• Procurement Branch
• Semper Fit Branch

      ►   Athletics Section
      ►   Aquatics Section
      ►   Health Promotion Section
      ►   Single Marine Program
• Camp Fuji

Drucie Figueroa

• Logistics Branch
      ►   Facilities Maintenance Section
      ►   Motor Transport Section
      ►   Safety Section
      ►   Supply Section
• Marine and Family Programs
      ►   PPD Program/Resources
          •   Family Programs
          •   Transition Assistance Management Program
          •   Education and Career Services
      ►   Behavioral Health Program
          •   Substance Abuse
          •   Community Counseling
          •   Family Advocacy
          •   Marine Expeditionary Forces Prevention
          •   Sexual Assault Prevention Response Program
      ►   Marine Corp Family Team Building
          •   Family Readiness Program
• Camp Mujuk


Azusa Battles

• Family Care Branch
      ►   Children, Youth and Teen Program
      ►   Resource and Referral
      ►   Training and Curriculum
      ►   Child Development Centers

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Minimum area of consideration

Must be at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school or been awarded a certificate equivalent to graduating from high school.

Summer Hire Lifeguards: Must be at least 15 years of age, be currently enrolled in a secondary school and either work only during school vacation periods or work part-time during the school year under a formal student employment program (work study).


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Required Documents 

  • Official orders with your name on it
  • Unexpired passport with SOFA stamp
  • High school diploma, GED, or official transcript
  • DD-214, if applicable

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MCCS Offers Regular Full/Part-Time Employees

 • Tuition Assistance: Up to $10,000 a year for any degree up to a Master's level, from an accredited university or college.

 • 401K


 Life Insurance

 Medical and Dental Insurance




Right Hand Contact US 

MCB Camp S.D. Butler
Unit 35023
FPO AP 96373-5023


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