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 e-QIP Tips 


Potential Solution


My registration   code is not working.

  • Did you type number zero for the letter “O” or vice versa?
  • Did you type the number 1 for the   letter “L” or vice versa?
  • Did you copy and paste the registration code   from the e-mail to the website? If yes,   you might have copied an extra empty space that   needs to be deleted.

The system will not accept   my new password.

  • Did you follow the guidelines exactly?
    • Use both upper and lower case letters.
    • Use at least one numeric character.
    • Use at least one special character.
    • Password   is at least 14 characters long.

I forgot   my password.

  • List the following as   the “Subject”   of the e-mail: Reset Authentication

The system will not accept login information.

  • Your login information was   provided within the encrypted attachment to your e-QIP initiation e-mail.    Please enter the information   exactly as it was provided to you. If you are copying and pasting the information then you might have copied an extra empty space that needs to be deleted.

I am a naturalized U.S. citizen   is this going   to be a problem?

  • e-QIP requires   the naturalization certificate number for   all naturalized citizens.    You cannot complete the   questionnaire without this information.

I’m trying   to complete   the   questionnaire   from my phone, but   it won’t let me move forward.

  • It is best   to   use a desktop or laptop to complete the questionnaire. Phones   do not display the full page   and you will likely miss important information.

The system will not accept   my physical address.

  • You cannot utilize a physical address (whether   it is on or off base) for international locations.    You can only list   your “PSC” mailing address and   leave the country blank.

The system is requesting 3 references, but   I only have 2.

  • The 3   references are required. Unfortunately there’s   no way around this.  You must provide an additional   reference with complete and   current contact information.

I didn’t know my   neighbors.

  • References do not   need to have lived close to you; they only need to confirm that you lived   at the address for   the time   period indicated.

The system says that there   are date gaps in my   address history.

  • Address   history must be provided for the past 5   years. All   addresses listed must not   have a date gap   any longer than 1   month.

I don’t remember my   previous addresses.   Or…


I don’t remember   the   addresses of my employers.

  • You could try the following:
    • Utilize a   search engine such as “Google.”
    • Review your past tax forms or W-2.
    • Check your credit report.
    • Look at the address   on your stateside driver’s license.

The system says that there   are date gaps in my   employment history.

  • Employment history must be provided   for the past 10   years regardless of whether or not you were employed.   If you did not work, you must list that time period as “Unemployed,” accounting for   all timeline   gaps. If applicable, document your employment history back to your 16th birthday.
  • If you are currently unemployed,   list the time that your unemployed status began and   list today’s date as   “Present.”

I’ve looked   through this form, but   I still have   a question or   issue.

  • List the following as the “Subject”   of   the e-mail: Request Assistance
  • Within the e-mail, provide a detailed explanation of your problem,   and a screen shot if possible.






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