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Rules and Etiquette

All players must check in with the Pro Shop 20 minutes prior to play. Players must have a receipt with them at all times while on the golf course.

1) Players are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the USGA Rules of Golf, as well as the TGC local rules.

2) To maintain a smooth pace of play, Taiyo policy is to complete 9-holes in 2 hours and 10 minutes or less.

3) PLAY READY GOLF. Forget honors and play from the tee and fairway when safe to proceed, "First ready plays first." Every player in the group has to have a ball in play before the group in front of them is off the green. (Par 4’s) or they will be considered out of position or behind pace.

4) Throwing of clubs, deliberate damage to greens and fairways, reckless operation of golf carts or hitting of golf balls into populated areas is prohibited. Players who fail to comply with these rules are subject to immediate removal and suspension from playing TGC.

5) 90 DEGREE RULE FROM THE CART PATH TO A PLAYER’S BALL IS PERMITTED UNLESS THE COURSE HAS POSTED "CART PATH ONLY" DUE TO WET CONDITIONS. Patrons are financially responsible for any negligent damage to golf carts.

6) All divots, ball marks, and bunkers must be repaired.

Local Rules

Play at the TGC is governed by USGA and local rules, to include the following:

1) A valid USFJ 4EJ (SOFA), US State and/or Japanese driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart. Minors are not allowed to operate a golf cart unless they possess a USFJ SOFA driver’s license.

2) Maximum of two riders and two golf bags in a car at all times.

3) Sharing of golf clubs or a golf bag is not allowed.

4) Maximum of four players in a group.

5) Spectators must pay for their portion of the cart.

6) One round of golf per green fee.

7) Cart fees are per seat per person. Single riders will be paired together by the Starter if necessary.

8) Alcohol in bottles, and/or alcohol not purchased in the restaurant/halfway house are not permitted on the golf course.

Dress Code

1) Normal golf attire or civilian clothing of good taste and neatness is encouraged. Wearing of full or partial military uniform is not authorized while playing on the course.

2) Only Soft spiked golf shoes, smooth or rippled/dimpled footwear that will not damage the course putting surface are approved for play. Cleated shoes; (soccer, baseball, etc.) hiking, cowboy, military boots, sandals, and open toe footwear is prohibited.

3) Shirts must be worn on the course at all times. Garments made for under wear, such as men’s white undershirts, tank tops, etc., are prohibited. Sleeveless shirts, shirts with cutoff sleeves, and cutoff shorts are also prohibited.

4) Excessively soiled or tattered clothing, clothing with obscene, derogatory, or inflammatory writings are prohibited.


The following actions are considered serious offenses that may result in termination of play:

1) Littering of the golf course with cans, paper cups, and trash.

2) Using driving range balls for play on course.

3) Disruptive conduct including abuse of the course and golf course equipment.

4) Serious violation of dress code rules.

5) Refusing to follow requests or instructions from the Course Marshals or Course Management.

6) Intoxication

7) Operating a cart within 30 yards of the putting green area. (Unless special arrangements have been made with management prior to play.)

8) Operating a cart on a tee box.