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Single Marine Program

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Through the Single Marine program, single and/or unaccompanied Marines and Sailors are provided with many opportunities to give back to their community both on and off base. There are many rewards for volunteering, some of which include aiding professional development, recognition through military awards, outstanding volunteer service medal, certificate of commendation, and letter of appreciation. 

Reoccurring Volunteer Opportunities:

Marine Thrift Shop  

Tuesday-Friday from  1000-1400 and Saturdays from 1000-1500 

Attire: Civilian Attire 

Location: Foster - Marine Thrift Shop Building # 5691 

Duty: Assist in folding clothes, organizing the shop, and Receiving goods. 

Lunch will be provided (Only on weekdays if there until 3 pm) 


 Tengan Castle Family Night  

Every Thursday during Family Night

Located on Courtney at the Tengan Castle (above the education center).  


Semper Fit Youth Sports Program   

Sports Seasons include soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and cheerleading

 Volunteer positions include Head Coach and Assistant Coach spots.

Contact 645-3533/3534 or email for more details.




VOLUNTEER AWARDS :There are many ways that MCCS recognizes the continuous support that our volunteers give to the community. 

Presidents Volunteer Service Award 

The President's Volunteer Service Award is an award given to United States citizens that have volunteered either a specific amount of hours in the year, or throughout their lifetime.

To learn more about the credentials for this award, please click on the link below.


Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal 

Many of the Single Marine Program Okinawa volunteers receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. Although the Single Marine Program is unable  approve volunteers for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, the program can track the volunteers community service hours and recommend the volunteers for the award.

Please click on the links below for more details.



Can we drink alcohol at SMP events?

It depends on the event. Single Marine Program is a alcohol free/drug free program so we do not promote it at our events. However, if the command is involved and requests permission at an event, we work with them to try to accommodate their needs and wants.

Who is the program for?

This program is designed for all single Marines and Sailors on the island to include unaccompanied Marines and Sailors. Even if you are married, if you are unaccompanied, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our program!

How do I become a SMP Representative?

If you are interested in becoming a SMP Representative, please present the request to your command and if approved, the Coordinator at your camp will be more than happy to assist you through the process. There are no limits as to how many representatives a Unit of Command may have. The more the better so we can have depth in the program.

Where can I get all the information about SMP?

Please feel free to contact us to be added to our E-mail distribution list so you are receive event information from us or you can find out who your SMP Representative is and receive all of the information from them. In addition to the MCCS website, we also have Facebook pages and meetings you can attend to receive information.


SMP Events


Identify issues and/or concerns  


Directly/Indirectly affect Marines': 

  • Morale

  • Living environment

  • Personal growth and development

  • Issue identification supports chain of command 

  • Single Marine Program Purpose 


The SMP contributes to the improvement of total

force readiness, job performance, and retention by supporting the enhancement of

Quality Of Life (QOL) for all single or unaccompanied Marines and Sailors.






















The SMP contributes to the improvement of total force readiness, job performance, and retention by supporting the enhancement of Quality Of Life (QOL) for all single Marines, including unaccompanied Marines. The SMP includes all single service members aboard Marine Corps installations. The SMP serves as the voice for single Marines in identifying QOL concerns and developing QOL initiatives. QOL includes all activities and issues that directly or indirectly influence readiness, morale, living environment, and personal growth and development. 


Single Marine Program Annual Recreational Events:


Barracks Bash
A Barracks Bash is a unit cohesion event that is hosted by the SMP. Barracks Bashes are requested by the SMP reps to build comradery and are available at all camp locations. During the event, the SMP sponsors variety of activities for the Marines and Sailors to use for fun and entertainment. Such items include an inflatable boxing ring, a jousting ring, and a rock wall.

Duck & Cover Golf Tournament
The Annual Single Marine Program Duck and Cover Golf Tournament is designated to give the single Marines and Sailors an opportunity to play golf with their SNCO and/or Officers in a four-person team competitive game of golf. 


Naha Dragon Boat Race

Single Marine Program and Japanese Self Defense Force Navy EOD team sponsors Marines and Sailors to enter in the annual Naha Dragon Boat Race. We gather about 70 strong dedicated Marines and Sailors to be on the team and start practicing in March to prepare for the big race.  Practices are twice a week and transportations are provided.    


Naha Tug of War Trip

Every year, Single Marine Program takes about 120 Marines and Sailors to the annual Naha Tug of War festival to experience and compete in this Guinness World Record event. Naha Tug of War is 40 metric ton ropes blocking the whole street for east and west teams to compete against. This event traces back to 17th century when two rulers in Naha competed. Transportations and a T-shirt are given by complements of SMP!  


Mt. Fuji Trip

During January and February, SMP provides a trip to Mt. Fuji the highest mountain in Japan to ski and snowboard in the snow. Marines and Sailors get to see Mt. Fuji and experience the different parts of Japan. In July, we take Marines and Sailors up to Mt. Fuji to actually climb and get to the very top of 12,389ft mountain. It is definitely once in a life time experience!











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