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ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Hotel
Onna Village

* Outdoor Pool (July - Nov)* Bath house with sauna* Jacuzzi in sunroom* Check in 1400 / Check out 1200

Links & Downloads          
Manza Beach Resort Website (English)
Manza room rate August 31 - December 29, 2014
Manza room rate December 30, 2014 to March 31, 2015


Bise Yugafu-Inn
Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken

*All rooms have a tatami space making them perfect for children.* This is a condominium type room that also includes a kitchen space. *Cooking utensils are available for a rental fee.* Garden PoolPeriod of open/April ~ OctoberBusiness hours/8:00 ~ 21:00* Breakfast Restaurant - HibiscusBreakfast/7:00 - 10:00* All customers staying at Yugafu Inn BISE can use our partner hotel Mahaina’s public bath and outdoor pool facilities free of charge. * You can also enjoy the two restaurants located there that specialize in dishes that utilize only the freshest Okinawan ingredients.* The hotel provides a free shuttle bus service to/from Mahaina

Links & Downloads          
Yugafu Inn Bise Website
Yugafu Inn September - December 27, 2014


CanNa Resort
Ginoza Village

Guest rooms :  Twin rooms, Double Rooms and Suite VillaAmenities : Restaurant and bar, Spa, Beach and Outdoor pool, gift shop, play room, garden, function hall and promenade  

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CanNa Resort Website ( Japanese Only )
Canna Resort Villa room rate for 2014


Chisun Resort Naha/ LOISIR Naha East

3-1-1 Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900-0036TEL: 098-868-2801 / FAX: 098-861-0320* Check in  14:00 / Check out 11:00* Standard Room with Ocean View* Guests can also enjoy the facilities of the next-door Loisir Hotel Naha, including restaurants, natural hot spring baths, and various in-door activities, as well as a butterfly-shaped wave pool. 

Links & Downloads          
Chisun Okinawa Website (SOLARE HOTELS & RESORTS)
LOISIR Hotel East November - December


Chisun Resort Okinawa

* Near Churaumi Aquarium / Expo Park* All Ocean View Rooms* Check in 1400 / Check in 1100

Links & Downloads          
Chisun Okinawa Website (SOLARE HOTELS & RESORTS)
Chisun Resort Churaumi room rate

Coco Garden Resort Okinawa

Coco Garden Resort Okinawa
Ishikawa-shi Okinawa

CHECK IN TIME is 14:00   and  CHECK OUT  TIME is 11:00* 96 guest rooms with balcony* Restaurant ( Makan Makan) & Bar* Coco Spa* Garden Pool* Tennis Court* Yoga* Marine Activities available at Renaissance Okinawa Resort  (Shuttle Bus available from Coco Garden to Renaissance for guest only) 

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Coco Garden Resort Okinawa


EM Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa
Kitanakagusuku Village (Near Camp Foster)

* Bath house with sauna* Check in 1500 / Check out 1100

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EM Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa website
Costa Vista September 2014 - March 2015


Hotel Nikko Alivila

* Indoor / Outdoor Pool* Put Golf, Tennis* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Hotel Nikko Alivila website
Hotel Nikko Alivila October - November
Hotel Nikko Alivila December 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015


Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel
Onna Village

* Outdoor Pool (Open Apr - Oct) *Hotel guest only* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

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Kafuu English Website
Kafuu room rates 2014


Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas

* Golf Course* Indoor / Outdoor Pool* Bath house with sauna at Club House* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

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Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas Website (English)


Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha
Naha (Tomari Port)

* Near Kokusai Street* Walking distance to the Monorail Station* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha Website (English)
Ryukyu Hotel Naha


Laguna Garden Hotel

* Indoor / Outdoor Pool* Western / Japanese Style Rooms* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

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Laguna Garden Hotel website
Laguna Hotel room rate November 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015


Loisir Hotel

* Indoor / Outdoor Pool* 7 min from Naha Airport* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

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Loisir Hotel and Spa Tower Naha
LOISIR Hotels Naha November - December
LOISIR Spa Tower November - December


Mahaina Wellness Resorts Okinawa
Motobu Area

* Near Expo Park* Check in 14:00 / Check out 11:00 * Includes breakfast and use of Indoor / Outdoor pool, Japanese Bath house * Free Shuttle bus from / to Expo Park

Links & Downloads          
Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resorts Okinawa Website (English)


Moon Ocean Hotel

* All Ocean View Room (except 2F)* Kitchen in each room* Outdoor Pool (Open from April to October)* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Moon Ocean Ginowan Website
Moon Ocean room rate valid till March 2015


Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa
Nago Area

*  Indoor pool  at Lagoon Patio / Outdoor Pool*  Spa  and Japanese Bath house*  Restaurants  and Bars*  Kariyushi Champru Night  ( Show time 21:00-21:40) no charge

Links & Downloads          
Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa website
Kariyushi Ocean Spa April 2014 - March 2015


Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

*Indoor/Outdoor Pools* Spa with Sauna* 5 dining facilities* Esthetic salon* Nail Salon*Fitness room* Free WiFi* Check in 1400/Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa Website (English)
Marriott July-Dec 2014 Prices
Marriott Special Stay Plan
Marriott Christmas Dinner ( December 20 -25 ONLY)


Pricia Resort Hotel
Yoron Island (Kagoshima Prefecture)

* 2hrs by ferry from Motobu Port* All Cottage Style* Outdoor Pool (Open from April to October)* Check in 1500, Check out 1000

Links & Downloads          
Pricia Resort Yoron Website (Japanese only)


Renaissance Okinawa Resort
Onna Village

* All Ocean View Rooms* Western Style Room / Japanese Style Room* Indoor / Outdoor Pool* Check in 1400, Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Renaissance Resort Okinawa Website (Japanese only)
Renaissance room rate November 2014


Spa Resort EXES
Onna Village

* Bath house with sauna* Indoor / Outdoor Pool (hotel guests only)* Check in 1400 / Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Spa Resort EXES website
EXES Resort April 2014 - March 2015


Tokashiku Marine Village
Tokashiki Island (a part of Kerama Islands)

* 70 min by ferry from Naha port * Western Style Rooms / Japanese Style Rooms* Check in 1500, Check out 1100

Links & Downloads          
Tokashiku Marine Village Website (Japanese only)
Tokashiku Marine Village 2014-2015


Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort
Okinawa City

* Check in 1500, Check out 1200* Indoor Pool, Sauna, Fitness Room* Yukuru Spa ticket available at Tours+

Links & Downloads          
Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort Website (English)
Grand Mer room rate 2014


YYY Club IE Resort
Ie island

* Twin rooms/ Suite Rooms/ Family Cottages* Outdoor pool and Jacuzzi* Restaurant and Bar* Open Water Sports and other Sports Activities

Links & Downloads          
YYY Club IE Resort website
YYY Birthday Plan April 2014-2015
YYY Couples Plan 2014 April -2015 March
YYY Family Group Plan October 2014 - March 2015



 Discount Tickets

 Adult  Child
 Bios on the Hill ( includes 1 boat ride)  $11.00 $6.50 (4-12)  
 Churaumi Aquarium (Expo Park) $16.50

$11.00 (16-17); $5.50(6-15)

 Forest Adventure  Park (individual price) $33.00 $23.00 (7-17)
 Family Package of 3


 Family Package of 4 $92.00  
 Family Package of 5 $106.00  
 Fruits Land $7.00 $3.50 (4-15)
 Gyokusendo Kingdom Village    
 Caves and Village $11.00 $5.50(4-15)
 Caves, Village, and Habu Museum $14.00 $7.00 (4-15)
 Japanese Naval Underground HQ* $3.50 $1.75 (4-12)
 Kongou Sekirinzan $7.00 $4.00(4-15)
 Neo Wildlife Park    
 Annual Family Pass (Family of five) $15.00   
 Day Pass* $6.00 $4.00 (13-17); $2.00 (4-12)
 Ryugujo Butterfly Garden $3.00 $1.50 (3-15)
 Ryukyu Mura Village / Habu Show $11.00 $5.50(6-15)
 Ryukyu Golden Kings Basket Ball Tickets (2F) $16.50 $8.25 (6-15)
 Shuri Castle N/A $6.50 (16-17)
 Southern Hill Ice Skating Palace $14.00

$13.00 (13-17); $11.00 (7-12); $10.00(under 7)

* Please ask for the group rate (*school field trip or etc.)

 Southeast Botanical Garden $13.00 $8.00 (15-17) ; $4.50 (6-14)
Southeast Botanical Garden with Lunch $23.00 $21.00 ( 15-17) ;$18.00 (13-15); $13.00 (6-12)


 Adult  Child
            * *    RESERVATION REQUIRED  **    

 ORCHID '' Buffet & Ryukyuan Dance      (except Wednesday)

$43.00 $23.00 (7-12); $15.00 (4-6)
 Urashima Dinner Theater ( Daily )    
Okinawan or American with Lobster $51.00 $24.00 Kids meal (under 12)
Okinawan or American without Lobster $37.00 $24.00 Kids meal ( under 12)
Vegetarian $42.00  
 West Marine Dinner Cruise (Daily)    
 Cattleya Course(Steak & Lobster)


 Deigo Course (Pork & Fish Saute) $72.00  
 Orchid Course (White Fish & Beef) $62.00  
 Hibiscus Course (White Fish & Sliced Beef ) $51.00  
 Bougainvillea Course (Fish & Chicken) $38.00  
 *Standard BBQ/Excellent BBQ     
 Junior Course (ages 6-12)   $34.00
 Kids Menu (ages 5 and under)   $14.00
Orca  (Glass Boat Only) $27.00 $13.00 (6-12)
Orca ( Glass Boat with Lunch $32.00 $18.00 (6-12)

 Hotel Facility Usage

 Adult  Child
 Laguna Garden    
 Lunch $15.00 $7.50(4-12)
 Pool, Jacuzzi, & Waterslide $26.00 $13.00 (4-12)
 Lunch & Pool $40.00 $20.00 (4-12)
  Tokyo Daiichi Spa Tickets  " Yukuru"     
 Aroma Body Massage  ( 60 mins )


 Aroma Body Massage  (60mins) + Facial (30 mins) $74.00  
 Aroma Body Massage (60 mins) + Lunch $57.00  
 Kafuu Resort Spa Tickets  " Green Spa"    

 Aroma Body Massage (60mins)

 Aroma Body Massage (60mins) + Facial (30 mins) $137.00  
 Aroma Body Massage + Lunch $112.00  


 * No tickets provided; show your receipt at entrance as proof of purchase .


Prices are subject to change due to fluctuation in yen rate



Enjoy our Great Unit Tours

Looking for a subject for your next PME? Consider one of the historical tours offered by Tours+! Price includes a bus ride, knowledgeable tour guide, and a customized tour designed to fit your unit's needs. Enjoy tours such as Tunnel Rats, Battle Sites or any of our great specialty tours. And pay with unit funds!!

See your unit fund representative for details or call one of the Tours+ Offices below for more information:

Camp Hansen, Unit Tour Coordination for all Camps: 623-6344
Camp Foster, Tours + Main Office: 646-3502 


 Unit Tours Request Form 


Private Tours

Join MCCS Tours+ for a full - day tour of some of the most visited sports on the island. Price includes knowledgeable tour guide, a customized tour that takes you where you want to go, and transportation (optional). Experience sites such as Shuri Castle, Ryukyu Mura, Battle Sites, Okinawa World, and much more...

Tour guide only : $145.00

UP to 7 pax w/ (VAN transportation): $ 200.00

Up to 43 pax includes Tour guide, bus and driver : $375.00

Up to 55 pax includes Tour guide, bus and driver: $400.00

Half day tour with own bus includes tour guide:  $110.00

Half day tour with transportation includes tour guide : $110

* Plus any admission fees

*ALL TOURS ARE 8 HOURS. 8:00 TO 16:00 OR 9:00 TO 17:00


For more details call  MCCS Tours+   Hansen office at 623-6344 or Foster Office at 646-3502.


 Tour Guide Wanted

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 Right Hand Contact US

DSN: 646-3502
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