Behavioral Health

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098-970-SAFE (7233)

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The Family Advocacy Program provides clinical assessment, treatment and services for military members and their families involved in incidents of domestic abuse.
The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is comprised of a professional team of and nurses and clinicians who provide supportive and caring services to expectant mothers and fathers and families with children under the age of 6. The NPSP is designed to be a reliable resource of information and answers for moms and dads. We offer free home visitations, classes, and groups to promote positive parent-child bonding and attachment as well as balancing family and military life.
Support & Prevention offers educational briefs and workshops to units, commands, community organizations and individuals. All presentations can be customized to meet your goals or to address specific needs.
Community Counseling assists clients in accomplishing personal goals through short-term solution focused counseling, skill enhancement, education and referrals to other resources. Our clinicians provide non-medical counseling that is supportive in nature and works to address issues such as general conditions of living, life skills, improving relationships at home and at work, stress management, adjustment issues, relationship problems, parenting issues, and grief and loss.
The Substance Abuse Counseling Center provides prevention, screenings, assessment, early intervention, and counseling services. Early Intervention classes are designed for individuals making high-risk choices and are therefore at greater risk of developing substance related problems. Counseling Services are designed for individuals who have identified substance related issues and helps them to create and maintain goals of low risk guidelines or abstinence.
Persons eligible for SAPR services include: Active duty personnel, DoD civilian employees and contractors, and the dependents of those previously noted who are 18 years and older. Reports of spousal sexual assault and sexual assault of minors will be referred to the local Family Advocacy Program. SAPR personnel include Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Uniformed or civilian Victim Advocates (UVA/VA). UVA/VAs are the first responders, and SARCs are the program managers for their respective commands.

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