Transition Readiness Program

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Ace the Interview, Hansen
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Ace the Interview, Kinser 7
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Career Assessment, Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Career Assessment, Hansen
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Federal Government Employment Workshop Part 1, Kinser 7
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt. 1, Schwab
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3327
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt. 2, Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt. 2, Hansen 7
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt. 2, Kinser
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt. 2, Schwab
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3327
Federal Government Employment Workshop Pt.1, Hansen
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Resume Writing Workshop, Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Resume Writing Workshop, Kinser
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Resume Writing Workshop, Schwab 7
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3327


Transition Readiness Program (TRP)/Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) provides career and job search assistance, occupational guidance and transition information to separating and retiring service members and their families. We provide assistance with resume preparation, interview skills, and a free career resource center. TRP also facilitates the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS), which is required before separating or retiring from the military. Service members must contact their Unit Transition Counselor (UTC) to enroll in the mandatory TRS. For more information call 645-3151.

Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) Pre-Work Webinars

The Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) is a mandatory workshop which prepares separating and retiring service members for their transition to the civilian sector.  To register, you must visit your Unit Transition Counselor (UTC) in order to obtain the proper documentation for this workshop.  For more information, please call 645-3151 or email

Prior to attending the TRS you must complete the Pre-Work webinars.  These webinars cover important information that will help you have a smooth transition.  For more information on these topics, please contact the agency directly via the contact information provided in the webinar.

Or click here to take the Pre-Work Webinars

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Transition Assistance Management Program Services

Retirement Separation Brochure  

TRS & Pre-Retirement Calendar

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Statement of Service 

Civilian Translation of Military Terminology

Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET)  

Federal Buy Back

Marine 4 Life  

Marine 4 Life Website



Customer Feedback 

How Good Can Free Be? By Katie Gartner

 • Joanne Whitman is an absolute pleasure. She is both professional and personable at all times. I have participated in two of her workshops. Both times she went over all required material as well as veering off to provide each attendee the individual answers and attention they need. I have every confidence that she will coach me into a job before long. I am also confidant that the uniformed service members I witnessed her working with are better suited to obtain the jobs they seek with her guidance. Thank you so much for providing is such a great resource as Joanne! 


• Tiffany was my instructor for both classes I attended and she also assisted reviewing my resume. She was so helpful and I truly appreciated her time and help! 


• I came into your facility recently and was unsure as to where to begin my research. After speaking with one worker I was still unsure as where to begin. I was soon assisted again by John and was surprised by this excitement to help me. He answered all my questions, gave me great advice, and showed me how to access all the available resources. I was very impressed by his professionalism and ability to relate to my current situation and needs. I have recommended him to many of my counterparts/Marines. We could use a few more employees like him to help those of us who are having a hard time figuring out how to transition to the civilian world. 


• I would like to say I have been going through the workshops and getting ready to transition and everyone has been really helpful, There has been one particular member that has greeted me with open arms and helping me every step of the way. John Temple, is the best transitions assistance employee, he has helped me so much these past few month. I have gained so much insight from him and he should be commended for a job well done. Thank you again John Temple. 


• I'm thoroughly impressed with Shelly McCraw and John Temple. I've had a great class with Shelly so far and John Temple is super helpful. They have both pointed me in the right direction to help better my employment opportunities. They both have positive attitudes which make classes and resume writing fun. 


 • Thank you for holding this class. I understand that it is a requirement; however the delivery of this class was incredible. I initially entered the class believing it was going to be irrelevant to my future. Instead, I found this class to be extremely informative and helpful. I now feel that I am capable of exploring multiple options looking forward. I appreciate the true commitment shown by the staff. 


• I came in for the first time a week and a half ago in the attempt to get help/advice on developing a detailed post-graduate essay and updated resume for the USC Marshall School of Business. Needless to say that with my current schedule on the MEU and the desired products I had to produce, the entire process was daunting if not completely overwhelming. Joanne and Jeffrey were OUTSTANDING and encouraging. Joanne took probably four or five hours out of her day to personally work me through the edits and rewrites. A very patient person, she was always available with quick email turnarounds on products that I submitted and educating me on the details (with syntax, grammar, and rhetoric) that must be incorporated in a competitive essay/resume civilians want to see and understand. Without a doubt, her support will make my work marketable and sellable in the eyes of my upcoming MBA admissions committee this spring. She is a consummate professional and someone I highly recommend utilizing if you plan on applying for school admission or applying for employment. She explains it in vernacular that is easy to understand and allows us to work our own ideas into our work to make it our product. This education center is one of the most valuable tools a Marine or Sailor can put in his/her toolbox. Thank you so very much for your professionalism. You have a top-notch program! 


• The TRS team was able to assist me in my transition from the military, making it less stressful by providing the tools and knowledge and very important information for when heading out in to the civilian life. I hope the TRS team will be able to provide for the future military service members who are leaving the military for years to come. 


• I really enjoyed TAP class at Marine and Family Programs Camp Kinser. The Staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to other service members. Thank you. 


• Ms. Walker was a great help to me, without her professionalism, enthusiasm, motivation and can do attitude I never would have applied for the position I am now currently holding. She was a tremendous help. She is awesome. 


• I have recently taken a few classes at Kinser with Tracy Walker as the instructor. I was so satisfied with her and her teachings that I felt you should know how valuable Tracy and her classes are. I have been in 3 of them so far and can honestly say she is going above and beyond what is expected of her in my standards and in her job description. Tracy is helping me every step of the way get into my dream position even though I am leaving Okinawa. I highly think that you should keep her program and her for as long as possible, she has many abilities to change the lives of everyone that enters her path rather they want it or not. Tracy's attitude and energy keeps people interested in what she is saying and she affectively uses real experiences to make her point. I am very happy that I choose to take her class. 


• I attended TAPS class on Camp Kinser, going into the class I was just going to use it as a check in the box so I can be one step closer to be on my way and getting a job as a civilian. I had NO IDEA that this class was going to be in depth, I was extremely satisfied with the amount of knowledge that I received in such a short time!! There is not enough room on this page for me to put into words how helpful the staff is in this building! Not only did EVERYONE I met possess a great deal of knowledge but it is not humanly possible for them to WANT to help anymore. They were so very friendly and very willing to sit down with me and all the other attendees and 1 on 1 help us set goals and write resumes along with finding jobs that suit us bases on our abilities. I was so pleased with the classes that I received and had I not gone through them I would not have the tools needed to get that job to support me and my family. Thank you very much for allowing me to take this course Camp Kinser I would love to take it again with the exact same staff the week before I separate from active duty, it opened so many doorways for me. A very special thanks to very nice lady who put all the hard work and genuine time to run the program, I do not think it is possible to have a better transition specialist to coordinate the classes! I am not used to seeing that amount of dedication to your job, I was overall extremely impressed and very pleased. Please do not change anything you are doing in the future!! 


• Pat Beckles has a huge heart for her job and helping others. She scheduled individual career coaching sessions with me outside of normal business hours to meet the needs of my busy schedule. Pat also spent countless hours training me and getting me ready for my new career path. She is very knowledgeable about the current job market and her plethora of experience gives the entire military community the tools they need to be successful. I am grateful for her dedication to the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and her dedication to my success. I hope to continue learning from Pat. I recommend her services to all retiring/separating military members and their families. She rocks!! 


• I cannot say enough good things about the Resources Center on Camp Schwab, particularly about Pat Beckles, the Transition/Employment Specialist. I knew from the moment I met Mrs. Beckles that she was an outstanding employee. She displays such a high degree of professional and dedication. Mrs. Beckles goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and assistance have made such a difference in my life here on Okinawa. Finding employment here in Okinawa is quite difficult; however, Mrs. Beckles does her absolute best to make sure her clients have resumes, applications, and interviews that accurately depict their unique strengths and accomplishments and are completely prepared in order to be successful. My resume and interviewing skills have gotten TREMENDOUSLY better because of her. I can honestly say I will never forget the lessons she has taught me. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I tell people to go see Mrs. Beckles. Pat Beckles is an amazing employee but more importantly, she is an amazing person. We need more people like her in this world. She is an absolute asset to the Marine Corps.

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