Transition Readiness Program

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Ace the Interview, Kinser
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Ace the Interview, Schwab
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3429
Ace the Interview,Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Career Exploration & Planning Track (CEPT), Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Federal Government Employment Workshop, Courtney
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Federal Government Employment Workshop, Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Federal Government Employment Workshop, Hansen
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Resume Writing, Courtney
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Resume Writing, Foster
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Resume Writing, Hansen
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Resume Writing, Schwab
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3429

Transition Readiness Program (TRP) 

TRP facilitates the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS), which is required before separating or retiring from the military. Service members must contact their Unit Transition Counselor (UTC) or Career Planner to enroll in the mandatory TRS. For more information call 645-3151.


PROGRAM Personal Readiness Seminar

The Marine For Life Cycle model requires every Marine at their first
Permanent Duty Station (PDS) to attend the PRS within 90 days of their

►The PRS provides Marines with an understanding of resources and programs
available to assist them with developing and supporting career and personal
goals, while on active duty and beyond.

►Pre-Registration must be completed for all Marines attending PRS. 

►When registering over the phone, please provide the following information:

-Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
-Department of Defense Identification Number
-Contact information (phone number/email address)

The Personal Readiness Seminar will be held every Tuesday at Bldg. 494 on Camp Foster from 0800-1200 in the JRC Classroom. If a holiday falls on a Monday, the Personal Readiness Seminar will be held on Wednesdays, same time and location. Registration is required, for more information please email or call 645-3151


The Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) is a mandatory seminar, per MCO 1700.31 which prepares separating and retiring service members for their transition to the civilian sector.  To register, you must visit your Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) in order to obtain the proper documentation for this seminar.  For more information, please call 645-3151 or email mail to:


Retirement and Separation Brochure
Civilian Translation of Military Terminology
2018 Transition Readiness Schedule
2018 Financial Planning Worksheet
Marine for Life Network
VA Benefits I & II v 1.1

* If you are having problems opening a link by directly clicking the link, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.


 *If you have problems opening a link by directly clicking on it, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.*


Employment and Transition Resources for Family Members and Marines

 Federal Employers and Application Websites  


 Websites for Transitioning Service Members  

 Military Rank and Civilian Equivalence 



 USA Jobs  

 Federal Bonding Program

 History of TAMP FMEAP

 Veteran Opportunities

Pre-Retirement Seminar

The Pre-Retirement Seminar is an alternative option to the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) MCO 1700.31 for retiring Service Members. It covers recruiting, job market, resume preparation, federal employment, interview kills and specific entitlements to include Financial and Estate Planning, TRICARE, Veterans Benefits and relocation. Spouses of retiring Service Members are welcome to attend the entire seminar. Service Members are eligible attend 24 months prior to retirement. 

To register and receive the pre-work checklist, please contact your Unit Transition Counselor (UTC). If you need assistance identifying your UTC, please contact the Transition office. To locate the nearest Transition office please click the button below:

2018 Pre-Retirement Schedule

Financial Worksheet

How-to-Access the eForm Guide


Pre-Retirement Seminar Presentations

Legal (180-Day Retirement Waiver)





Medical Records

VA Benefits I & II v 1.1 (Participant Guide only)


Resilient Transition

Military Occupational Codes (MOC)

Department of Labor (Participant Guide only)

Marine for Life Network

Financial Briefs

Financial Websites

Life Cycle Approach Handout

Survivor Benefit Plan Handout

Retirement Planning

Financial Insurance

Estate Planning

Financial Planning for Transition


Optional Tracks

2018 Small Business Association Boots to Business

2018 Career Exploration Training Track

2018 Accessing Higher Education

*If you are having problems opening a link, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.

*If you have problems opening a link by directly clicking on it, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.*  

Resume Templates and Examples 

Master Application

Federal Resume

Chronological Resume

Combination Resume  

Teen and Entry-Level Resume  

Resume Verbs  

Federal Application Tracking Sheet  

Federal to Military Rank Equivalency 

Resume Cover Letter

Military to Civilian Translation Terms

Retired Activities Office (RAO)

RAO Representative: Ben Garcia

The RAO volunteer is a valuable link to help retirees and family members of all branches to obtain the rights, benefits and privileges they are entitled to receive. The RAO is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0900-1500. For more information, please call 645-3159/3151.

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