Auto Resale

How does it work?
Register for a parking permit to display your vehicle at Auto Resale Lots located on Camp Foster or Camp Courtney. The permit is valid for 1 month.

How much does it cost?
$10 per month.

Where can I get a permit?
For Camp Foster, register at Foster Typhoon Motors (Bldg. 5971). Register at Courtney Typhoon Motors (Bldg. 4151) for the Camp Courtney Resale Lot. 

Where are the lots located?
The Camp Foster Auto Resale Lot is adjacent to Arby’s across from the Exchange. The Camp Courtney Resale Lot is located next to Inns of the Corps Camp Courtney (Bldg. 4440).
For more information, contact Foster Typhoon Motors at 645-7169 or Courtney Typhoon Motors at 622-9546.

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