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FOCUS Family Resilience Training

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Families Over Coming Under Stress (FOCUS) is a resiliency training program, grounded in  three well-established interventions, for families with children and couples facing adversity and  traumatic stress across a variety of situations.  FOCUS is a short-term intervention delivered in six to eight sessions. Some sessions are for the parents, some for the children, and others are for the entire family.  FOCUS Family Resilience Training allows families to build their own story about their life experiences. This helps families to:

  • Identify, manage, and discuss emotions
  • Clarify misunderstandings and respect individual points of view
  • Build on family strengths
  • Feel closer and more supported
  • Use family-level problem solving and goal setting to empower the entire family

Although FOCUS is structured to ensure that each family learns the program’s core skills, the intervention can be customized to meet the needs of each individual family in a way that will allow them to achieve their unique goals.

Service locations are as follows:

  •  Camp Foster Bldg 5691 Rm 116
  •  Camp Courtney Bldg 4408 Rm 10
  •  Camp Kinser Bldg 1220 Rm 136
  •  Kadena Air Base Bldg 99 Suite 1 Rm 2
  • Torii Station Bldg 236 Rm 131 

Please call or email for more information about services:


Tips for Parents

FOCUS works with families during any point of the deployment cycle.

Getting Ready for an Upcoming Deployment

  • Be open and honest. Use developmentally appropriate language to help kids understand. Kids want and need to know.
  • Address children's feelings openly. Use reassuring language to help kids manage fears and concerns.

Coping During the Deployment

  • Practice self-care. When parents are coping effectively, children are better able to manage their own feelings.
  • Stay connected. Have a plan to keep the service member active and present in the child's mind throughout the deployment. Be creative!

Return and Reunion

  • Be patient. It takes a little time for family members to reconnect and reestablish their roles within the family.
  • Be aware EVERYONE has grown and changed during the deployment. Have fun learning about each other and take time to appreciate how each of you has grown.

For more information about the program or to schedule an appointment, please call 645-6077 or email:


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