Comic Con Okinawa

2022 Comic Con Okinawa

Join us for Comic Con Okinawa on December 4th! Convention veterans and newbies alike will fall in love with this year's Comic Con Okinawa, which will be jam-packed with activities, shopping, live music, gaming, cosplay and even some celebrity sightings. For those of you who are just as excited as us, read below for more information on this year's event:

What is Comic Con Okinawa? First held in 2011, this annual event is MCCS Okinawa's epic celebration of all things related to comics, anime, gaming, sci-fi, cosplay and so much more!  Anticipated by many, Comic Con Okinawa is gaining recognition as Okinawa's premier comic book & pop culture convention.

When? Sunday, December 4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where? Camp Foster Fieldhouse, Gunners Gym, Community Center Auditorium, and Ocean Breeze.

Who can attend? Comic Con Okinawa is an open-gate event that welcomes to all SOFA ID card holders, American. and Japanese citizens. 

Register? Comic Con Okinawa is a FREE event; however, to provide the best experience for everyone, registration (which opens on November 1) is required to attend. Stay tuned for more information on registering for specific contests and/or tournaments.

Gold Pass Exclusive Taking place on Saturday, December 3 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Globe & Anchor, the Gold Pass Exclusive (GPE) is the perfect way to enhance your Comic Con Okinawa experience with exclusive benefits such as a pre-con social that includes a meet and greet with select talent, a swag bag, and chances to win many great prizes along with other exclusive benefits at the main event.  This exclusive pass is limited to 300 tickets, so don't miss out! Registration opens on November 1.

Interested in volunteering? If so, you are in the right place! Volunteer opportunities range from volunteering at Fun Land, guiding attendants to different programs and sections to much more. Sign ups will be available soon!

Check back for more information on this year’s event! For Comic Con Okinawa news/updates, follow us on Facebook.


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On behalf of MCCS Okinawa, we cordially invite you and/or your organization to take part in Comic Con Okinawa! We are excited to offer excellent opportunities at this event for artists and exhibitors. Comic Con Okinawa features booths in the Exhibitor Hall designated for exhibitors who are looking to showcase or sell their merchandise. Whether you would like to showcase your collectibles, provide fan services, offer/sell fan gear or promote exclusive comics/manga, apparel, accessories, games, and more…a prime location is waiting for you!


Click HERE to access the Exhibitor/Vendor Application Form.

Interested exhibitors can submit the attached application form by October 14, 2022 to MCCS Special Events at

There is now a 20% discount on the 3m x 3m vendor booth fee! $495→  $395.


  • Exhibitors must have a Comic Con theme and/or selling items related to Comic Con, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Exhibitors can apply for up to 4 booths for purchase.  No two activities can occupy one booth space (i.e., food and comic books sold in one booth space).
  • All exhibitor items MUST NOT contain any form of nudity, NO EXCEPTION. This is a family event and as such we must conduct our event appropriately.  If these items are detected, ONE warning will be given for removal or correction.  Should the items continue to be displayed or sold you will be escorted out of the event and have forfeited your booth.
  • Anti-American or offensive propaganda, commentary or displays will NOT be allowed; you will be immediately escorted out of the event and have forfeited your booth.
  • The sale or display of fake weapons such as guns, swords, knives, bows, and arrows by exhibitors are prohibited at Comic Con Okinawa.  Safety is always of the utmost importance at MCCS events, and we take our attendees’ security very seriously.  If these prohibited items are detected within an exhibitor’s possession, you will be immediately escorted out of the event and have forfeited your booth.  The ONLY exception to this is for cosplayers and approved exhibitors with props made of cardboard or foam.
  • Music/videos may be played provided you requested power or have your own power source.  Please be considerate of neighbors and ensure all sound/visuals are controlled to your booth. Music/videos MUST NOT be explicit or contain any form of nudity, NO EXCEPTION.

3x3m Booth

Image - Click Here

Booth Includes: (2) Tables 1800x600, (1) Sign Panel (Company/Booth Name) 900x300, (2) Spotlights 100V/LED 5W, (1) Outlet











•コミックコン沖縄では、出展者による銃、刀、ナイフ、弓、矢などの偽造武器の販売または展示は禁止されています。 MCCSのイベントでは、安全が常に最重要事項であり、参加者のセキュリティを非常に重要視しています。これらの禁止されているアイテムが出展者の所有物内で検出された場合違反した者は直ちにコミックコン沖縄から追放され、再参加は不可です、返金もいたしません。唯一の例外は、段ボールまたは特殊粘土等で作られた小道具を持っているコスプレイヤーと事前に承認された出展者のみです。


3x3m Booth  Image - Click HereBooth Includes: (2) Tables 1800x600, (1) Sign Panel (Company/Booth Name) 900x300, (2) Spotlights 100V/LED 5W, (1) Outlet 

Booth Includes: (2) Tables 1800x600, (1) Sign Panel (Company/Booth Name) 900x300, (2) Spotlights 100V/LED 5W, (1) Outlet


21-0160 Oki CC - Main Ad - Eventbrite

Welcome to Comic Con Okinawa!

MCCS Okinawa offers many events for service members and their families on island that are fun for all ages and one of the most popular of these events is Comic Con Okinawa (CCO). Starting as a small library event in 2011, CCO has grown to become one of the most popular annual events in Okinawa with participation numbers reaching over 18,000.

This event is hosted on Camp Foster, a United States Marine Corps camp centrally located in Okinawa, Japan. The prime location bridges the unique community of all U.S. military service branches (Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force), their families, American and Japanese citizens over the epic celebration of all things related to comics, anime, gaming, sci-fi, and cosplay. One advantage we enjoy is being located in Japan—the birthplace of manga, anime, and karate.

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