COVID-19 Updates

For the latest III MEF and MARFORJ Command Information relating to the COVID-19 outbreak and current Health Production Condition (HPCON), please visit the following link.

MCCS Mitigating Actions

As part of ongoing III MEF, MCIPAC and MCCS efforts to balance mitigating actions against the community spread of COVID-19 with readiness-enhancing activities for Marines, Sailors and families, MCCS has implemented the following:


  • Face coverings are required at all times in MCCS facilities except while eating or drinking.
  • Face covering cases are now available at all MCCS restaurants offering dine-in service. The cases can help patrons ensure their masks are better protected while enjoying a meal.
  • Tracing logbooks are placed at the entrance of all MCCS facilities.
  • All facilities have designated sanitization cycles.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of all MCCS facilities.
  • Strict social distancing is enforced while in MCCS facilities.
  • MCCS facilities enforce max patron occupancy guidelines; access above posted capacity will be provided either on a first-come, first-served basis or by appointment.
  • MCCS employees will frequently conduct hand washing with sanitizers, and/or with soap and water.
  • Visual reminders regarding proper etiquette/procedures are displayed in MCCS facilities for both customers and employees.
  • Electronic/non-physical interaction is encouraged whenever possible, e.g. online payments, electronic receipts, not handling cash, ID cards, etc.
  • Credit card transactions are encouraged. In addition, customers will be encouraged to use POS terminals for their credit card transactions wherever feasible (terminals are sanitized after each use).
  • All facilities are sanitized—including entry and elevator doors (and buttons), handles, handrails, doorknobs, seating, tables, common areas, classrooms, computer terminals, pens, phones, play mats, toys, recreational/play equipment, etc.—regularly (hourly and after each use as applicable).


In addition to the above, MCCS Libraries, Education Centers and Personal & Professional Development-Resources Centers have implemented the following:



  • To minimize physical contact between patrons and staff, libraries offer and encourage curbside delivery to patrons. Items are taken directly to cars.
  • Wherever possible, soft/porous seating have been removed from the general area. Where this is not possible, laminated “Stand Against COVID” signs are placed on all soft/porous seating to prevent patrons from sitting there. One chair is at each table.
  • During HPCON-C, eating or drinking is not permitted in libraries. This ensures patrons keep their face coverings on at all times. “No Food or Drink” signage posted throughout the Library.


Education Centers

  • Staff assist walk-in customers with matters that can be resolved in 5 minutes or less. More detailed appointments are conducted virtually or over the phone.
  • Number of examinees reduced to maintain strict social distancing.
  • Classrooms are not available for use during HPCON-C.
  • The contracted college offices are operating virtually and classes are also offered virtually.


P&PD-Resources Centers

  • All Resources centers have limited services to short duration visits that include Loan Locker, checking in/out, and information and referral services.
  • All meetings are conducted in open classrooms to maximize social distancing. Share food and coffee stations are prohibited.
  • All Locker items are thoroughly sanitized with alcohol wipes and/or ran through a dishwasher upon being returned.


Please contact the MCCS facility you are visiting for up-to-date mitigation actions or email with any questions or concerns.


Additional COVID-19 online information resources:

III Marine Expeditionary Force:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Military One Source:


U.S. Department of Defense:

U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa:



Last updated: August 20, 2020 11:30AM




The health and welfare of the children entrusted to our care at MCCS Child Development Centers (CDCs) and School Age Care (SAC) facilities island-wide will always be our #1 priority. Out of abundant concern for the health and safety of the children, as well as our MCCS employees providing care, MCCS and other U.S. Forces Japan and U.S. government agencies on island have enacted effective, proactive mitigation measures to protect children, employees and our military community at-large from the spread of COVID-19. The success of these mitigation measures has allowed our CDCs here to remain open in support of service members and their families. 

We are actively monitoring the situation in coordination with public healthcare professionals and command elements. If warranted, we will close the CDCs with enough advance notification to allow parents (and their work supervisors, if applicable) to make appropriate arrangements such as family care plans, telework or leave. All of us with MCIPAC/MCB Camp Butler are committed to giving our parents all possible options to work and take care of their parental responsibilities. We truly appreciate our partnership with our SOFA families and appreciate your support and flexibility during this time.


CDCs/SACs will continue to operate with the following added precautions:  

  • All visitors must wash their hands and have their temperature checked upon entry of any CYP facility.   
  • Face coverings and social distancing (when possible) are mandatory for staff. Children ages 2 and older are encouraged to wear face coverings. Face coverings are required in SAC, youth centers and teen centers. 
  • Independent play is encouraged.
  • Toys and equipment materials that are exposed to bodily fluids via mouthing, coughing, sneezing, etc. are sanitized and disinfected at least twice a day (or more often as needed). 
  • Entry doors, handles, handrails and doorknobs are disinfected on an hourly basis.
  • Frequently used items and areas are disinfected after each use.
  • All electronics and electronic accessories are wiped down after each use.
  • Recreational/playground equipment are disinfected daily.
  • Couches, tables, play mats, pens, sinks, windowsills and phones are disinfected after each use.
  • Parental involvement in program activities is limited.
  • Children and staff must wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

Additional Measures Taken in the CDCs

  • No groups may mix in CDCs (thus limiting large group play).
  • Only small groups of children are allowed on the playground and/or motor music room.
  • Individual sensory containers are now available to promote independent play.
  • Family style dining/self-service is postponed until further notice (caregivers serve children at all times).
  • During naptime, children are placed in the head to toe position at least 3 feet apart from each other.

Additional Measures Taken in the SAC Programs

  • Activity areas are limited to 10-12 children (to the greatest extent possible). 
  • The number of children eating at any given time is reduced in order to adequately space children at the tables.
  • Breakfast and snack plates are prepared and wrapped individually ahead of time.
  • Shareable toys are disinfected before another child can play with it.
  • Children must wash their hands when they transition to a new activity area.

Last updated: August 18, 2020 2:41PM

UPDATE: 1/11/21


Valued MCCS Patrons

MCCS Okinawa is taking decisive actions out of an abundance of caution to reduce potential risk and minimize the spread of COVID-19. All of our actions are aligned with our enduring mission to support our community of Warfighters and Families, as well as our MCCS workforce. 

Doing everything we can—in alignment with III MEF/MCIPAC guidance—to help keep our customers and employees safe during this evolving global pandemic is our top priority.


As directed by the MCIPAC Commanding General the following changes take effect 8 a.m. Tuesday, January 12 and until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Updates by Camp


Camp Schwab


  • Aquatic Center
  • BeachHead (to-go only)
  • Behavioral Health – Community Counseling Center: Telehealth services available at 645-2915 or 645-SAFE (7233)
  • Behavioral Health – Substance Abuse Counseling Center
  • Bulldogs Burgers (to go only)
  • Education Center (with virtual counseling and briefs)
  • HITT Center (authorized ONLY for personnel who live or work on Camp Schwab)
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café (to-go only
  • Oura Wan Recreation Beach (Pavilions and BBQ grills are open; Driftwood remains closed.)
  • Power Dome Fitness Center (authorized ONLY for personnel who live or work on Camp Schwab)
  • Resources Office (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • SMP Center
  • Sumo Burrito (to-go only)
  • Tsunami Scuba


  • BeachHead Gaming Room
  • BeachHead Lounges
  • Bowling Center


Camp Hansen


  • Behavioral Health – Community Counseling Program
  • Behavioral Health – Substance Abuse Counseling Center
  • Bonsai Coffee (to-go only)
  • Chili’s Express (to-go only)
  • Education Center (with virtual counseling and briefs)
  • Hansen Aquatic Center
  • HITT Centers
  • HITT Classes
  • House of Pain Fitness Centers (main and north)
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café (to-go only)
  • Resource Center (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • SMP Center (no food service)
  • The Palms Tradewinds Restaurant (to-go only)
  • Tsunami Scuba
  • Typhoon Motors


  • Bowling Center
  • The Palms Tradewinds Gaming Rooms
  • The Palms Lounges
  • Tours + (Hotel reservations, ticket sales and local tours only)


Camps Courtney and McTureous


  • Bayview (to go only)
  • Behavioral Health – Family Advocacy Program
  • Bulldogs Burgers (to-go only)
  • Chura Warabi Center (full/part daycare only; no hourly care)
  • Tengan Castle (to-go service only)
  • Education Office (with virtual counseling and briefs)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Satellite Office
  • Ironworks Fitness Center
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café
  • McTureous School Age Care
  • Resource Center (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • SMP Center (no food service)
  • Tsunami Scuba 
  • Typhoon Motors


  • All Club Lounges (Bayview E-Club, Hashmarks SNCO Club and Legends Officers’ Club)
  • Bowling Center
  • Courtney Arts and Crafts
  • Courtney Youth & Teen Center
  • Flea Market
  • Gaming Rooms at Hashmarks and the Bowling Center

Taiyo Golf Club


  • 19th Hole
  • Golf Course and Pro Shop
  • Halfway House
  • Taiyo Steakhouse (to-go only)


  • Gaming Room at Taiyo Steakhouse


Plaza Housing


  • Butler Officers’ Club (to-go only)
  • Plaza Fitness Center


  • N/A


Camp Foster


  • Ashibina Child Development Center (full/part daycare only; no hourly care)
  • Behavioral Health – Family Advocacy Program
  • Behavioral Health – Community Counseling Program
  • Behavioral Health – Substance Abuse Counseling Center
  • Bonsai Coffee (to-go only)
  • Building 1 Gym
  • Bulldogs Burgers (to-go only)
  • Chimugukuru Child Development Center (full/part day care only; no hourly care)
  • CYP Resource & Referral
  • Education Center (with virtual counseling and briefs)
  • Excellence Gymnastics Academy
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
  • Foster Aquatic Center
  • Foster School Age Care (no hourly care)
  • Gunners Fitness Center
  • HITT Center located outside the Navy Hospital Gym
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café (to-go only)
  • Marine Corps Family Team Building Office (with both in-person and virtual training)
  • Ocean Breeze—Veranda and the Globe & Anchor (to go only)
  • Outdoor Recreation equipment rental
  • Resource Center (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • SMP Center (no food service)
  • Shisa Pizza (to-go only)
  • Sumo Burrito (to-go only)
  • TERRA (to-go only)
  • Tsunami Scuba
  • Typhoon Motors
  • Warehouse Sales


  • Bowling Center
  • Community briefs (NOWA) delivered virtually
  • Flea Market (resumes noon January 16 on Camp Lester)
  • Foster Custom Shop
  • Foster Framing and Fine Arts
  • Foster Fieldhouse
  • Foster Teen Center
  • Foster Youth Center
  • Navy Hospital Gym
  • Ocean Breeze Gaming Room and Lounges
  • Special Events (bouncer and party rentals)
  • Tours+ (Hotel reservations, ticket sales and local tours only)
  • Youth Sports Practice and Games


MCAS Futenma


  • Behavioral Health
  • Bulldogs Burgers (to-go ony)
  • Education Center (with virtual counseling and briefs)
  • Habu Pit (to-go only)
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café (to-go only) 
  • McCutcheon Gym 
  • Resource Center (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • Semper Fit Fitness Center
  • SMP Center (no food service)
  • Sumo Burrito (to-go only)
  • Thirsty’s (to-go only)


  • Bowling Center
  • Lounges (Thirsty’s E-Club, Habu Pit SNCO and Officers’ Club)


Camp Kinser


  • Behavioral Health – Family Advocacy Program
  • Behavioral Health – Substance Abuse Counseling Center
  • Bulldogs Burgers (to-go only)
  • Education Center (with Virtual Counseling and Briefs)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Satellite Office
  • Kinser Fitness Center and HITT areas
  • Kinser School Age Care (no hourly care)
  • Library
  • LifeJuice Café (to-go only)
  • Red Barn Country Kitchen (to-go only)
  • Resource Center (with some virtual counseling and briefs)
  • SMP Center (no food service)
  • Surfside (to-go only)
  • Typhoon Motors
  • Yuimaru Center (full/part daycare only; no hourly care)


  • Bowling Center
  • Kinser Family Fitness Center
  • Kinser Youth & Teen Center
  • Surfside Gaming Room
  • Surfside Lounges 
  • Tours + (Hotel reservations and ticket sales only)


Camp Lester


  • Lester Fitness Center


  • N/A


Semper Fit


  • Active Duty Swim Instruction
  • All HITT Centers
  • All Outdoor Facilities and Areas (unless otherwise specified)
  • Aquathlons
  • Body Fat Testing
  • Dance Classes
  • Fit Camps
  • Fitness Coordinator Meetings and General Nutrition Consultations
  • Group Fitness Classes (except spin/cycle)
  • HITT Classes/Courses
  • MCMAP Room
  • Oura Wan Recreation Beach (Camp Schwab), pavilions and BBQ grills are open  
  • Outdoor Recreation equipment rental
  • Personal Training
  • Racquetball courts (two-person limit)
  • Saunas & Steam Rooms
  • SMP in-center group events
  • SMP in-center videogame tournaments (adhering to social distancing and face covering requirements)
  • SMP outdoor clean-ups
  • Swimming Pools
  • TriKids, Minikids and Women’s Only Triathlons
  • Unit PT (outdoors w/reduced groups)
  • Wellness Briefs
  • Youth Orientations (appointment only)


  • All indoor basketball courts and indoor team sports (except racquetball)
  • Aquatics Certification Courses
  • Foster Fieldhouse
  • Indoor HITT Rooms
  • Martial Arts Classes
  • Massage Therapy
  • SMP Off-base Community Relation Events (except outdoor clean-ups and limited off-base recreational trips)
  • Wrestling
  • Youth Sports Activities


Last updated: January 12, 2021  1:16PM  

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