All other retreats below are coordinated with individual units and organizations, and registration is not available via this site. Please contact your unit chaplain if you would like one of these events for your unit or workgroup.


Personal Resilience Retreats

Designed to provide individual commands a 3-Day opportunity for Marines and Sailors to reflect on where they come from, who they have become, and who they are becoming. The retreat focuses on character formation and understanding personality, uses teambuilding and experiential techniques, and gives warriors the opportunity to examine past adversities in the light of potential for human growth and excellence. Leadership and post-deployment emphases are available.



3-Day retreat designed for RMTs, Corpsmen and Healthcare Professionals, and Marine and Navy leaders in the grade of E-4 or above who volunteer to become more competent first-aid caregivers for people actively thinking about suicide. Participants will become more comfortable rendering life-saving care and compassionate connection with persons at immediate risk of suicide through the use of high quality, interactive work-shopping, small group discussion and interaction, and role play with real-time feedback. The ASIST curriculum is the most popular and effective evidence-based intervention curriculum available today.



2-Day retreat designed for RMTs and other professional caregivers as an opportunity to reexamine professional and personal boundaries in a relaxed setting where physical, emotional, relational and spiritual well-being can be restored. Participants will be offered an interactive, experiential workshop on issues of burn-out, "rust-out," professional boundaries, staying close to vocation in service, and protecting against one-way intimacy and ethical failures in care, while also finding ample time for stillness, rest, and interaction with peers.


CREDO regularly offers these 1 or 2 day workshop opportunities that can be customized to meet the needs of your command or workgroup.

Please contact your unit chaplain or MCIPAC CREDO for more information and how to schedule these fun and effective events.


Unit Resiliency Workshop

CREDO can customize a 1 or 2 day resiliency workshop tailored to the specific needs and timetables of your unit. The core focus for the workshop includes fresh, active material on facing adversity as a team, understanding personality changes under stress, and working with adversity-activated development. No power-point whatsoever.


A.S.I.S.T. Workshop

On a limited basis, CREDO can offer a 2 day standard ASIST suicide intervention workshop to your organization. The ASIST curriculum has proven to be the most effective approach to intervention skills training in North America, and can quickly make a difference in your organization.


Leadership & Mentoring Workshop

On a limited basis, CREDO can customize a 1 or 2 day senior or junior leadership workshop tailored to the specific needs and timetables of your unit. The core focus for the workshop includes evidence-based and award-winning material from the Arbinger Institute on mentorship and self-deception.

• Follow-up Care

We offer limited opportunities for follow-up care for those who have participated in our retreats and workshops. Please contact our main office line to schedule an appointment.

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