Education Links

Marine Officer Spouses' Club (MOSC) (Marines only)

Spouses Annual Fall Dependent Children Annual Spring Marine Gift Shop 645-5194


Naval Officer Spouses' Club Okinawa (NOSC) (Navy only)

2x's a year Fall / Spring Navy Fleet Gift Shop  646-8383


Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)  

Spouse Tuition Aid Program (STAP)

 No interest education loan or local NMCRS office 645-7808


Chief Petty Officer's Association on Okinawa 

Okinawa Island-Wide Chief Petty Officer's Association Scholarship Application Contact: 645-3798


UMGC: Deadlines vary

Orkland Book Award

Military Student Support Fund 

Contact the local field representative





National Military Family Association: (NMFA): 

Military Officer's Association of America: 

ThanksUSA: http://www/

Military Commissaries Worldwide (DECA):

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation: 

Military One Source Tuition Help for Military Children:



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