Free Stuff

This list is subject to change. Please check with the facility to confirm free offerings. 



FREE Relationship enhancement for couples 

New Parent Support Program
FREE Parenting classes for new or expectant parents 

FREE Live entertainment at MCCS Clubs
FREE Rentals on CDs, books and movies 
FREE Adult programs such as crafts, book clubs and cultural education classes

Fitness Centers
FREE Fitness centers and gyms
FREE Fitness classes
FREE Fitness assessments
FREE Sauna and steam room
FREE Sports and fitness gear issue
FREE Skate parks

Health Promotions
FREE Group fitness classes
FREE Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing (active duty only)
FREE Body composition testing
FREE Body composition program classes (active duty only)
FREE Basic nutrition consultations
FREE Unit briefs
FREE Unit PTs (active duty only)
FREE HITT courses (active duty only)
FREE Fitness/performance assessments
FREE Tobacco cessation services
FREE Youth fitness orientations

Marine and Family Programs-Resources
FREE Japanese language classes
FREE Culture classes
FREE Personal and professional development
FREE Financial workshops
FREE Publications: Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Guide

Behavioral Health Family Advocacy Program
FREE Counseling for those in need

FREE Use of swimming pools
FREE Swim instruction for active duty personnel

Marine Corps Family Team Building
FREE L.I.N.K.S. Workshops: for Spouses (Marine Corps and Navy) and Kids
FREE Leadership and personal and professional development courses (Franklin Covey Series) 
FREE Teamwork courses 
FREE Four Lenses workshops (personality assessment and teamwork)
FREE Volunteer resources and mentoring 
FREE Ombudsman training
FREE Teen programs (leadership and volunteering)
FREE Deployment support (Marine Corps and Navy)
FREE Pre-marital workshops 

Clubs and Restaurants
FREE Coffee, tea and soft drinks for all designated drivers at all MCCS clubs and restaurants
FREE Sunday brunches for children age four and under at Tengan Castle and Butler Officers' Club
FREE Breakfast buffet for children age four and under at Ocean Breeze and Surfside

Tsunami Scuba
FREE Snorkeling vest rentals for up to 3 days

Typhoon Motors
FREE Loaner vehicle rental while your vehicle is receiving JCI services (when vehicles are available)
FREE Vehicle disposal, deregistration and towing vehicle pick up (in conjunction)
FREE Service checks (all fluid, tires and wiper blades when mechanics are available)
FREE Instruction and guidance on how to maintain and repair your own vehicle from certified mechanics

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