Gift Certificates

Marine Corps Community Services Makes Okinawa Home!

Although MCCS Okinawa Gift Certificates are no longer available for purchase, they can still be redeemed up to two years from date of purchase/issue at the participating MCCS facilities below. The paper gift certificates have been replaced by the new Okinawa-themed MCCS Gift Card 

which can be used at all participating MCCS facilities. 


    Semper Fit- Massage    

    Semper Fit- Outdoor Rec-Rental Gear  

    Special Events- Party Bouncer rentals  

    Bowling-Bowling Games and Shoe Rentals  

    Bowling-Customized Bowling Balls  

    Bowling-Bowling shoes, shirts, gloves   

    Tours+-Local Tours  

    Tours+-International Tours  

    Tours+-Discount Tickets to local attractions  

    Foster Framing & Fine Arts-Custom Frames  

    Foster Framing & Fine Arts -Shadow Boxes  

    Foster Framing & Fine Arts -Art Classes  

    Custom Shop-T-Shirts  

    Custom Shop-Plaques  

    Custom Shop-Trophies  

    Custom Shop-Laser engraving  

    Courtney Arts & Crafts-Arts & Crafts Classes  

    Courtney Arts & Crafts-Custom build wood furniture  

    Clubs & Restaurants – Sunday Brunch  

    Clubs & Restaurants – Dining Out  

    Clubs & Restaurants – Events, i.e. Okinapa 

    Typhoon Motors – Oil Change  

    Typhoon Motors – Transmission Flush  

    Typhoon Motors – New Tires  

    Typhoon Motors – Automotive Needs  

    Taiyo Golf Club – Rounds of golf  

    Taiyo Golf Club – Golf Apparel  

    Taiyo Golf Club – Golf Gear  

    Tsunami SCUBA – Diving/snorkeling gear  

    Tsunami SCUBA – Diving apparel  

    Tsunami SCUBA – Diving classes  

    Tsunami SCUBA – Dive/snorkel gear rentals  


      MCCS Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase of alcohol or tobacco products. 

      For more information about MCCS Gift Certificates or if you have an interesting/creative way to use a MCCS Gift Certificate, email us at

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