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The High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) program is a comprehensive combat-specific strength and conditioning program that is essential to a Marine’s physical development, combat readiness and resiliency. Different components of performance enhancement training are key components to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall combat readiness while reducing the likelihood of injury and ensuring that our Marines are physically prepared for real-time combat / tactical situations while in theatre.


By implementing the latest cutting edge training methods and fundamental scientific principles, the HITT program focuses on enhancing athleticism for the today’s tactical athlete – The United States Marine.


To fully understand the methodology behind the HITT program, defining the term “functional” based training as it relates to the tactical athlete is important to understand. Functional based training is a correctly designed program where the repetitive performance of movement patterns improves an individual's performance of job specific tasks and will balance physical capacities such as strength, power, speed, agility and endurance while reducing the likelihood of injuries and overtraining syndromes.


Applied correctly, the benefits will be twofold:

- An improvement in job specific combat tasks, combat readiness and overall physical performance

- Reduced injury rates, which can lead to an increased operational longevity of the tactical athlete 


HITT Training


Submit a Unit PT request
To schedule a Unit PT please  Click here.

All scheduling needs to be 2 weeks in advance so we have the appropriate trainers and fitness providers to help your units.


General Guidelines for Unit PT Scheduling:
In order to provide stellar customer service and world class instruction for unit PTs, Health Promotion adheres to several scheduling guidelines to service as many units and camps as possible. Generally, Health Promotion policy requests limiting unit PTs for Marines and Navy to two per unit per month. All other branches of service are requested to limit their requests to one per unit per quarter. Health Promotion will unfortunately decline requests that exceed this limit when there is a high volume of requests. Thus, if an exception is made for your unit to exceed this expressed limitation, we made an exception to the policy because appropriate trainers were available. We do not guarantee this exception in the future, if we are unable to find trainers and have a high volume of requests from different units. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you!

Submit a wellness brief request


For a description of our wellness briefs please  click here


If you have not been contacted within 48 hours of your original briefing request, please call 645-3910 or 098-970-3910.

All scheduling needs to be 2 weeks in advance so we have the appropriate instructors available to help your units. 

Each brief is a 1 hour presentation please plan accordingly when scheduling. 

General Guidelines for Health and Nutrition Brief Scheduling:

All brief requests are subject to instructor availability.  If we have a high volume of requests and not enough instructors we unfortunately will not be able to fulfill your request. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you!  



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