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These numbers are for dialing direct to base phones from cell phones or off base phones.

  • Dialing a 622 number (Courtney) = 098-954-XXXX  
  • Dialing a 623 number (Hansen) = 098-969-XXXX
  • Dialing a 632 number (Chibana) = 098-962-XXXX
  • Dialing a 633 number (Kadena) = 098-959-XXXX 
  • Dialing a 634 number (Kadena) = 098-961-XXXX
  • Dialing a 645 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-970-XXXX
  • Dialing a 646 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-971-XXXX  


To call Lester Hospital (a 643-XXXX number,) 625-XXXX, 636-XXXX, or 637-XXXX from off-base, you will need to dial 098-911-5111, then the 7 digit DSN number. For questions, please contact the on-base operators.

To contact the base operator from an off-base line, dial 098-911-5112. From on base, dial 113.

From cell phone to emergency 911, dial 098-911-1911. From off-base regular phone dial 911-1911.


Calling a Japanese Cellphone from the US

For a 090 Prefix: Dial 011-81-90-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].


For a 080 Prefix: Dial 011-81-80-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].

Calling a DSN line from the US

  • 645-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-970-XXXX
  • 646-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-971-XXXX
  • 622-XXXX
    •  Dial 81-98-954-XXXX
  • 623-XXXX
    • Dial 81-98-969-XXXX
  • 637-XXXX or 636-XXXX or 625-XXXX 
    • Dial 81-98-911-5111, 81-98-911-5112, or 81-98-970-5555, wait for the dial tone and then dial the 7 digit MCBB telephone number


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