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Marine Corps Food and Hospitality Excellence Award Program

The Marine Corps Food and Hospitality Excellence Award Program was established by MCCS Headquarters to recognize food and hospitality activities that exceed the highest level standards of excellence. These awards allow any MCCS club, restaurant, snack bar, or lodging facility, regardless of size or location, to measure their results against criteria in pre-established categories of customer service, financial performance, human resources, and operations.

The following 13 MCCS Okinawa facilities are among 60 throughout the Marine Corps worldwide recognized as “Best in Class” for their exceptional performance in 2018:

  • Taiyo Steakhouse 

  • Habu Pit Consolidated Club – MCAS Futenma

  • Hashmarks SNCO Club – Camp Courtney

  • Inns of the Corps Westpac Lodge – Camp Foster

  • Inns of the Corps Courtney Lodge – Camp Courtney

  • LifeJuice Café – Camp Courtney

  • LifeJuice Café – Camp Foster

  • LifeJuice Café – Camp Hansen

  • Shisa Pizza – Camp Foster Foster Bowling Center

  • Surfside Consolidated Club – Camp Kinser

  • TERRA International Fusion – Camp Foster

  • The Palms Consolidated Club – Camp Hansen

Additionally, Taiyo Steakhouse, located on the second floor of the Taiyo Golf Clubhouse, was recognized as “MCCS Restaurant of the Year.”

“On behalf of our command and all those who served in Food and Hospitality Branch, I am honored to accept this award recognition on their behalf,” said Edward S. Hutsell, Assistant Chief of Staff, MCCS, MCIPAC. “While I am proud of all our club and restaurant operations, it is particularly gratifying to have Taiyo Steakhouse selected as ‘Restaurant of the Year.’ It is the best in the Far East and this award confirms that Taiyo is the best in the Corps.”

Congratulations to our staff at each of these facilities for their hard work and dedication, and to all of our patrons, too – it is our privilege to serve you!

For more information about the Marine Corps Food and Hospitality Excellence Award Program, contact Ric Pomeroy, Branch Head – Food, Hospitality and Commercial Recreation, at 703-784-3811 or

MCCS Headquarters   

South Carolina - Parris Island & MCAS Beaufort  


Cherry Point   



29 Palms   






These numbers are for dialing direct to base phones from cell phones or off base phones.

  • Dialing a 622 number (Courtney) = 098-954-XXXX  
  • Dialing a 623 number (Hansen) = 098-969-XXXX
  • Dialing a 632 number (Chibana) = 098-962-XXXX
  • Dialing a 633 number (Kadena) = 098-959-XXXX 
  • Dialing a 634 number (Kadena) = 098-961-XXXX
  • Dialing a 645 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-970-XXXX
  • Dialing a 646 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-971-XXXX  

To contact the base operator from an off-base line, dial 098-970-5555. From on base, dial 113.

From cell phone to emergency 911, dial 098-911-1911. From off-base regular phone dial 911-1911.


Calling a Japanese Cellphone from the US

For a 090 Prefix: Dial 011-81-90-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].


For a 080 Prefix: Dial 011-81-80-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].

Calling a DSN line from the US

  • 645-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-970-XXXX
  • 646-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-971-XXXX
  • 622-XXXX
    •  Dial 81-98-954-XXXX
  • 623-XXXX
    • Dial 81-98-969-XXXX
  • 637-XXXX or 636-XXXX or 625-XXXX 
    • Dial 81-98-911-5111, 81-98-911-5112, or 81-98-970-5555, wait for the dial tone and then dial the 7 digit MCBB telephone number


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