Holiday Food Gift Card Program

The purpose of the III MEF/MCIPAC-MCBB Holiday Food Gift Card Program (HFGCP) is to provide support to families needing assistance during the December holidays. The program is intended to ensure qualified families residing in Okinawa can purchase a traditional holiday meal at little or no cost of their own. This program only utilizes Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) gift cards received as donations. Donations can only be accepted in the form of DeCA gift cards ($25.00 or $50.00 denominations). Donations should be submitted to Marine and Family Programs, Bldg. 445 Camp Foster by 1 December 2021.

Commanding officers desiring to participate in the program should appoint their sergeant major/command master chief or staff non-commissioned officer/chief petty officer to work as their respective unit HFGCP representative. Individual unit HFGCP representatives need to be available throughout the holiday period and be able to work closely with their respective MSC Coordinators for guidance.  

All pertinent HFGCP information, to include important submission deadlines, eligibility criteria, and forms can be found below" 

Points of contact for this program is Ms. Katherine Mondragon at 645-3600, Ms. Tasha Smalls 645-3150, and Mr. Terry Burmester at 645-2903 or via email at:


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