HITT Small Unit Leaders (SUL) Course: The HITT SUL course is a 5-day introduction to coaching for NCOs who are seeking to leading safe and effective strength and conditioning workouts. The course is open to Marines and Sailors E-4 and above, with a first class PFT, CFT, or PRT. After attending the course, Marines and Sailors may lead HITT workouts for their unit, as well as utilize the HITT lockers/equipment. The course can provide a solid foundation for Marines who wish to later become their unit’s Force Fitness Instructor (FFI).

HITT Class: The HITT program offers hour-long classes at each camp taught by a Fitness Coordinator. Typically each camp offers an 0530-0630 class during the summer and 0530-0630/1130-1230 the rest of the year. HITT classes are open to all individuals with base access.

Consults/Briefs: Fitness Coordinators may be asked to perform individual nutrition/ fitness consults, or nutrition/fitness briefs for a unit. Requests should be directed to MCCSHealthPromotions@Okinawa.usmc-mccs.org or through the respective camp’s fitness coordinator.

Main Office: 645-3910

Schwab Fitness Coordinator: 625-1170

Hansen Fitness Coordinator: 623-4801

Courtney Fitness Coordinator: 622-9486

Foster Fitness Coordinator: 645-7834

Futenma Fitness Coordinator: 636-3503

Kinser Fitness Coordinator: 637-2390

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