Holiday Food Gift Card

The purpose of the Holiday Food Gift Card Program (HFGCP) is to ensure eligible command families residing on Okinawa during the holidays are able to have a basic holiday meal. HFGCP provides financial relief in the form of DECA commissary gift cards.

Participation in the HFGCP is coordinated through designated Unit HFGCP Representatives, provided families meet eligibility requirements.  For the success of the HFGCP, unit representatives need to follow both, the HFGCP eligibility guidelines and work closely with their respective unit leadership, chaplains, family readiness officers and supervisors to identify qualified families. 

Eligibility to receive a voucher is as follows: 

a. Single income families of active duty Marines and Sailors (E-4 and below) and Department of Defense employees (GS-05/NAFI equivalent and below), with at least one child, or other legal dependent (e.g., parent), who currently reside in Okinawa with the Service Member or DOD employee, when special financial need exists.

b. Single income families of active duty Marines and Sailors (E-5), with two or more children, or other legal dependents (e.g., parent), who currently reside in Okinawa with the Service Member, when special financial need exists.
c. MSC Coordinators may qualify families not otherwise eligible under the above guidance when special financial need exists.  Under this provision, MSC Coordinators should qualify any family currently residing in Okinawa whose sponsor is deployed to combat operations during the holiday period, and financial need exists.

d. Eligible family members must be physically present during the December holiday period.   Families off-island during the December holiday period do not qualify for this program.


Right Hand Contact US

Treasurer:  Ms. Tina Dedely or Ms. Diana Randall

Director:  Mr. Terry Burmester


Right Hand Contact US  

III MEF / MCIPAC-MCBBO 1700.1A - Holiday Food Gift Card Program

2018 Holiday Gift Card Program Information Paper

2018 HFGCP MSC Coordinator / Unit Representatives Duties

TEMPLATE - 2018 HFGCP Unit Representative Designation Letter

TEMPLATE - 2018 HFGCP Unit Roster of Eligible Personnel Cover Letter

2018 HFGCP Unit Roster (Excel File)







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