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III MEF and Marines Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC) Commanding Generals are charged with establishing the holiday liberty schedule each calendar year. View PDF for details and instructions.

Federal Holiday
Special Liberty Period
Birthday of Martin Luther King
17 Jan 22
15 – 18 Jan 22
Super Bowl*
12 – 14 Feb 22
Washington's Birthday
21 Feb 22
19 – 22 Feb 22
Spring Break
31 Mar – 3 Apr 22
Memorial Day
30 May 22
28 – 31 May 22
20 Jun 22
18 – 21 Jun 22
Independence Day
4 Jul 22
2 – 5 Jul 22
Labor Day
5 Sep 22
3 – 6 Sep 22
Columbus Day
10 Oct 22
8 – 11 Oct 22
Veterans Day
11 Nov 22
10 – 13 Nov 22
Thanksgiving Day
24 Nov 22
24 – 27 Nov 22
Christmas Day
26 Dec 22
24 – 27 Dec 22
New Year's Day
2 Jan 23
31 Dec 22 – 3 Jan 23

These numbers are for dialing direct to base phones from cell phones or off base phones.

  • Dialing a 622 number (Courtney) = 098-954-XXXX  
  • Dialing a 623 number (Hansen) = 098-969-XXXX
  • Dialing a 632 number (Chibana) = 098-962-XXXX
  • Dialing a 633 number (Kadena) = 098-959-XXXX 
  • Dialing a 634 number (Kadena) = 098-961-XXXX
  • Dialing a 645 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-970-XXXX
  • Dialing a 646 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-971-XXXX  

To contact the base operator from an off-base line, dial 098-970-5555. From on base, dial 113.

From cell phone to emergency 911, dial 098-911-1911. From off-base regular phone dial 911-1911.


Calling a Japanese Cellphone from the US

For a 090 Prefix: Dial 011-81-90-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].


For a 080 Prefix: Dial 011-81-80-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].

Calling a DSN line from the US

  • 645-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-970-XXXX
  • 646-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-971-XXXX
  • 622-XXXX
    •  Dial 81-98-954-XXXX
  • 623-XXXX
    • Dial 81-98-969-XXXX
  • 637-XXXX or 636-XXXX or 625-XXXX 
    • Dial 81-98-911-5111, 81-98-911-5112, or 81-98-970-5555, wait for the dial tone and then dial the 7 digit MCBB telephone number


PROGRAM 06/01-11/30 – MCCS Operations During Typhoons


The majority of MCCS facilities will close when TCCOR (Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness) 1 Caution (1C) is declared; the exceptions are Tsunami Scuba Centers, unstaffed satellite gyms and aquatic centers, all of which will close at TCCOR 1.


· Child Development Centers and School Age Care will close one hour after TCCOR 1C is announced. Parents must pick up their children AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the announcement. CDC and SAC facilities will reopen within two hours of declaration of TCCOR SW or All Clear.** Parents will receive an email notification when the facility is operational. If unsure of opening time, parents should call their child’s CDC or SAC to verify that the facility is open.

· Group fitness and Excellence Gymnastics Academy classes will be cancelled when TCCOR 1 is announced. Fitness centers will close when TCCOR 1C is announced and will reopen within two hours of declaration of TCCOR Storm Watch (SW) or All Clear unless facility damage has occurred.** 

· Outdoor HITT/Functional Fitness areas will close at TCCOR 2 unless conditions allow for those areas to remain open until TCCOR 1.  

· Arts & Crafts Centers, Bowling Centers, Excellence Gymnastics Academy, Tours Plus, Tsunami Scuba and Typhoon Motors will reopen within two hours of TCCOR SW or All Clear declaration.**

· Inns of the Corps / Lodging will remain open with front-desk operations available 24/7. 

· Clubs, restaurants and food concepts will close when TCCOR 1C is announced. Reopening times will be determined by facility after All Clear is announced.

· Food truck operations will cease when weather conditions warrant or when TCCOR-2 is announced. Operations will resume when weather conditions permit after All Clear is announced.

· Marine & Family Programs including Libraries, Resource Centers, Education Centers, Behavioral Health (Substance Abuse Counseling, Family Advocacy, Community Counseling), and Marine Corps Family Team Building will close at TCCOR 1C and will reopen within two hours of SW or All Clear.**  

· Taiyo Golf Club will have more information about its reopening time two (2) hours after TCCOR SW or All Clear is declared.

  ** Unless within 3-1/2 hours of their normal closing time, in which case they will reopen the next business day.


For these programs and others not listed, please check our Facebook pages (a complete listing w/links is below) for the most up-to-date information. 

For information about the current TCCOR status, visit, or

Below is a listing of our 10 MCCS Okinawa Pages on Facebook. Scan the list to find the MCCS program (and/or activities) that you're interested in, then click on the link to learn more. If you can't find what you're looking for, call MCCS Marketing at 645-3970 (or 098-970-3970 from off-base/cell), Mon–Fri, 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., or you can post your MCCS-related question to a Facebook page, direct-message us via Facebook, or email us at   


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