Devil's Cove
PROGRAM Devil's Cove

Level 2 / Snorkel

Devil's Cove attracts divers with its sunken fishing boat, bottom-dwelling creatures like sponges and urchins, varieties of coral, anemones, damsels, angelfish and an occasional octopus or cuttlefish.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right onto Highway 58. Go north for 9.7 km; you will pass Camp Lester and Kadena Gate 1 on the right and the fuel farm on the left. Travel past Kadena circle and continue going north on Highway 58. There is a stop light at a pedestrian overpass. This is Owan Road (also Highway 16). Turn left and drive for 1.5 km. This road (at press time) has houses on the left and fields on the right.. After going .5 km, you will see the parking area on the left. A walk down the steps leads to the water. To avoid wandering into the boat channel, face the tall, red, cylindrical channel marker (located in the water) and swim along the reef wall until it turns north and parallels the beach.


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