Maeda Flats
PROGRAM Maeda Flats

Level 2 / Snorkel

Maeda Flats is usually less crowded than Maeda Point, and you won't have to scale limestone to get to the water. The deep sandy floor has been known to shelter stingray, and a swim over the reef reveals excellent visibility, sometimes exceeding 100 feet. The limestone reef is a feeding ground for schools of spadefish. Visitors can walk across the reef at low tide and snorkel at high tide.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right and travel north on Highway 58. Make a left at the "Ryukyu Mura" sign, approximately 6 km past Kadena Circle. Turn left at the second stoplight past Ryukyu Mura. About .8 km later, make a right at the white "Maeda Misaki" sign. Turn left just before the parking lot. To get to the site, wade in at the small beach.

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