Sesoko Island
PROGRAM Sesoko Island

Level 4 / Snorkel  

Sesoko Island is a small islet connected to Okinawa by a bridge just north of Nago. Diving here is possible virtually any time of the year. To get there take Highway 58 north. In Nago, get on Route 449 toward Motobu. Past Motobu Port, you'll see the bridge to the island. Turn left on Route 172 and go across the bridge. To get to the first dive site, take the first left after the bridge toward the beach.

Enter the dive spot through the beach, but be careful of the boat and ferry traffic lanes. Only experienced divers should attempt this site. For the second dive site, cross the bridge and drive about 1.2 km. Look for a blue golf course sign and make a right just before the sign. Make a left at the golf clubhouse, then left again onto the gravel road before the beach. From the beach, snorkel straight out about 400 yards. Visibility averages 50 to 80 feet.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right onto Highway 58. Go north for 32 km; you will pass Camp Lester and Kadena Gate 1 on the right and the fuel farm on the left. Travel past Kadena Circle and contine going north on Highway 58. You will pass Oki Ham Company on the left. Go past the Ishikawa cut-off. You will then pass Moon Beach, Tiger Beach, Sun Marine Beach Hotel, and Rizian Sea Park Resort on the left. North of Onna Village, you will pas Manza Beach Resort on the left. Look for a sign that says Seragaki Beach and turn left. Go .1 km, turn right, and go across a causeway. Stop and pay your entrance fee of about ¥500 a person. There are many diving points on the island. A "Dive Spot" sign marks the entrance to the staircase that descends to the beach. The water is generally calm, but longshore currents are tricky and run both ways along the reef. There is also a pool, showers and a convenience store on this island.


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