Ikei Island
PROGRAM Ikei Island

Big Time Resort Side, Level 4

Mama-san, Level 2 / Snorkel

Ikei is a picturesque island dotted with small, old-fashioned villages. You can dive almost anywhere on Ikei. The beauty of the island is that you can choose to dive along the Pacific Ocean side or within Kin Bay. To get to Ikei, take Route 8 toward White Beach. Turn left on Route 31. Follow the road to the bottom of the hill and bear left. Cross the long bridge to Henza and wind around the island. Remain on this road and you'll eventually come to a red bridge that leads to Ikei. All signs to "Big Time Resort" lead to the island.

For Pacific dive sites, take any dirt road on the right off the island's main road. Dive sites here boast visibility far below 100 feet. For Kin Bay sites, travel around the island until you see Blue Lagoon Park. Take a left just past the park and another left before a tobacco processing plant. Follow the road to Mama-san Beach. Visibility is about 50 feet. Snorkeling is good at Mama-san, but watch out for jellyfish — they are known to be quite common in this area.


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