Ie Island

Southeast side Level 2
Northwest side Level 4 / Snorkel

Ie Island's beautiful, unspoiled reefs and its location away from the main island make its dive spots an excellent, out-of-the-way scuba adventure. Just 30 minutes away by ferry, Ie is a world of underwater thrills. At the Wajee dive site on the island's rocky north coast, there is limited summertime shore diving. There you'll see schools of damselfish, Napoleon fish, parrotfish, squid, and octopus as well as the world's second largest brain coral colony. The best time to dive or snorkel Wajee is at low tide. Entry is at a small, narrow crevice about 100 yards to the left of the pump house. Snorkelers should stick to the shallow areas to spot puffer fish, cuttle fish, stone fish, and more in the crevices. Most of the diving on Ie Island is done by boat. At Rainbow Reef, a popular site on the southwest side of the island, you may spot a wrasse, Moorish idol, pelagic fish, sea snakes, sea rays and sea turtles.

Ferries to Ie Island depart regularly from Motobu Port. Call MCCS Tours+ at 646-3502 for ferry information and details on fares.

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