Onna Point
PROGRAM Onna Point

Level 4

Onna Point is known for its vast coral colonies and wide array of ocean creatures, including crab, anemones, clownfish, angelfish, wrasses, sergeant majors, stonefish and octopus.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right onto Highway 58. Go north for 28.6 km; you will pass Camp Lester and Kadena Gate 1 on the right and the fuel farm on the left. Travel past Kadena circle and continue going north on Highway 58. Just south of Onna Village, you will see a white (at press time) pedestrian overpass and a school on the left. Turn left at this road, go .9 km, and veer right. The road is paved and then turns to dirt. Turn left and cross a field for about .9 km. Turn left on any of the roads and go .4 km to the point. Once the pavement ends, be very careful. It is easy to get stuck when it has been raining. You should have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to go to this site.

Walk across the beach and enter through the crevasse. Pay close attention to the currents moving through the reef, especially near the entry point fissure. The rip current during low tide makes getting to your site easy; just let the current pull you out. Exiting may pose a problem for other than experienced divers. Novices should try diving Onna Point at high tide when the currents are weaker. Bad rip currents can occur here.

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