Bolo Point / Cape Zanpa
PROGRAM Bolo Point / Cape Zanpa

Level 5

Bolo Point offers some of the most beautiful dives on the island. You have the option of diving over mountains, gorges, and walls. Water conditions may change quickly at this site. Extreme caution and good judgment should be used. Monitor your depth gauge regularly when diving here; depths exceed recommended limits for recreational diving with the deepest points being well below 200 feet. Near the small caves to the left, you may see lionfish, copper sweepers and an occasional grouper. The mouth of Bolo Point's most prominent cave sits at about 90 feet. Diving is not recommended around the cave as World War II artifacts, including artillery rounds, have been discovered here. Platter coral layers provide homes for a variety of tropical fish, and it is not unusual to see a nurse shark or large snapper.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right onto Highway 58. Go north for 11.1 km; you will pass Camp Lester and Kadena Gate 1 on the right and the fuel farm on the left. Travel past Kadena circle and continue going north on Highway 58. Look for a sign for Highway 6 and Cape Zampa. Turn left on Highway 6 at a stop light. Travel 7.6 km past Torii Station main gate (on your left) and Highway 12 (on your right). After traveling 7.6 km, just before a light, there is a fork in the road. Go left and drive 2.9 km. You will see the lighthouse in front of you and a parking lot on the right. Getting down to the water line at Bolo Point is a rigorous hike over jagged rock. Evaluate water conditions carefully before stepping in. Rapidly changing surf and currents can make this spot extremely treacherous.

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