Horseshoe Beach
PROGRAM Horseshoe Beach

Level 4

Horseshoe Beach's impressive underwater wall teems with marine life—coral, barracuda, damselfish, tangs, turtles and reef sharks. It is a difficult dive due to strong longshore currents at times. It is a site where many have been injured.

From Kitamae Gate on Camp Foster, turn right onto Highway 58. Go north for 30 km. Just north of Onna Village, you will see a fire station on the left and a Lawson Station on the right. There is a stop light at the fire station. Turn left at the light and travel past the log cabin. Once you have gone .7 km, you will be at Manzamo Point parking lot. There is a black top road between the shops and the restrooms; turn left on this road. Go .6 km to a spot where there are tombs on the left. This is where you park for Toilet Bowl. There is a path that leads to the dive point. To get to Horseshoe, continue on the road for another .1 km to a small parking area. There are several points to enter the water.

Plan to dive as close to high tide as possible. Watch your footing as you step out onto the reef. Powerful and unpredictable currents make this site best suited for advanced divers. Avoid diving in high surf.


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