Advanced Open Water Diver Course
PROGRAM Advanced Open Water Diver Course

There’s more to see. After you take the plunge, you want more, your appetite will be insatiable. That’s acceptable, because you are in the right place to explore, to expand your knowledge, to grow, personally.  

You begin to discover things about not only the environment, but also yourself. You discover your personal limits, and to abide by them and respect the limits of others. No matter what, you learn a new respect for the environment. Seeing animals in harm, or their homes in ruin should make you realize just how fragile everything is, especially our oceans.

I wanted to know more, to be able to see more. I received more specialized training by taking the Advanced Open Water course. We did a dive at night for training; studied how to navigate more accurately so I could show my friends some of the cool things I see; learned proper technique and etiquette for diving off of boats; how to explore just a little deeper, and do it safely. All the while, still being able to explore and continue my journey into the ocean.

You know what you need to do? You need to learn to dive. Throw your inhibitions away, clear your mind of negative thoughts; center you focus, and begin the journey on a life changed forever, yours.

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