About the SAC
SAC is available for children 5 - 12 years of age that are enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade. Care is offered during duty hours before and after school, teacher in-service days, and during vacation periods.  SAC provides a safe, supervised, healthy, age-appropriate environment while parents are at work.   Programs are available at Camp Foster, Camp Kinser and McTureous.

To request care please visit www.miltarychildcare.com

 Registration Guide

  1. www.militarychildcare.com  to request care.
  2. MilitaryChildcare.com will send you an acceptance e-mail confirming your request has been completed.
  3. While waiting on space to become available you may complete registration documents such as health assessment and special needs information.  Registration documents are available for pick up at Resource and Referral, Bldg. 495 Room 100 on Camp Foster or any Child & Youth Program.
  4. Once offer is made, accept or decline the offer and contact Resource and Referral at 098-970-4117/645-4117 to make an appointment to complete the registration process.

Important Information


*MilitaryChildCare.com states that Resource and Referral will contact you for completing registration.  We ask that once you accept an offer to contact us at 098-970-4117/645-4117 for prompt registration.

*Hourly Care is available on a first come first serve basis.  No request for care needed through MilitaryChildCare.com.  You only need to complete registration documents.  Your care will be available with 3 to 5 days.  If there are any special needs your care availability may take a little longer.

*Most current LES and/or pay statement

*Latest immunization records for each child

*Health Assessment signed by medical professional with any special   needs if applicable.

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