Keep it Fun! Safety Tips
PROGRAM Keep it Fun! Safety Tips

The Camp Hansen World Famous Mud Run is a fun event for all - but as with any physical activity, there are inherent risks for injury, even for the most athletic individuals. Here are a few tips to make your mud run experience as safe and enjoyable as possible:

Stretch before and after the race. While most people typically limber up before races, it can be just as important to stretch afterwards as well. Don't skip it. It will help your recovery for the rest of the week.

Drink up. Hydration is especially important in the midst of Okinawa's humidity. Your body will be losing more fluid than you may realize. Hydrate before, during and after the race.

Don't jump into the mud pit too vigorously. While the top layer may look like a giant water puddle begging to be splashed, the bottom layer is muck so thick that it may claim a shoe. If you jump in with too much force, you might find yourself stuck ankle-deep in what feels like drying cement.

Don't eat the mud. As difficult as it may be to resist, try to avoid getting mud on your face or into your mouth, nose, ears or eyes. Though the risk is low, enough mud entering your system (in whatever manner you let it) can cause illness. To lessen this risk, the Department of Preventative Medicine at the USNH tests the water before the race to ensure it is at safe levels. The Semper Fit staff also chlorinates the mud-water to the same standard as pool water. If you would like to learn more safety tips, contact the Department of Preventative Medicine or your healthcare provider.

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