Mud Run Must-Haves
PROGRAM Mud Run Must-Haves

Before you set out for the mud run, make sure you have everything you need. Here's a list of a few essentials:

     The Right Shoes: Having the right shoe for the job is most important - meaning they should fit well, have strong tread and a breathable upper that will drain water/mud quickly. Some companies such as Inov-8 and Merrill have several models of mud run shoes on the market. On a similar note, it is ill-advised to duct-tape your shoes as it leaves a slick surface on the sole which can lead to slipping.

     The Right Outfit: Besides the right kicks, avoid cotton tops, bottoms and socks. cotton will do nothing but absorb all the mud you touch and weigh you down. Same goes for pockets. Instead, aim for something light, like a running top, compression gear or bare skin. 

     The Right Extras: Bring lots of towels and a gallon or two of water to rinse off afterward. Baby wipes are great for a final run-through to get all the grime off, and Q-tips are handy for globs of mud that get stuck in your ears and nose. A fresh set of clothes and some bags to separate your muddy clothes from your clean and dry existence will be most helpful. 

     The Right Buddy: It's not as much fun to run alone; you may need help with some obstacles and, in case of injury, you'll have someone backup. Find someone with like-minded preparation and priorities about the race - hilarious costumes, a competitive time or just to get as down and dirty as possible!

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