Virtual Newcomers' Orientation 10.14.20
DATE & TIME 10/14 WED @ 7:15 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
LOCATION Camp Foster Bldg #: Virtual Online Training
PROGRAM Relocation

Register for your virtual Newcomers’ Orientation Welcome Aboard (NOWA) online training by clicking on the "Register" button located on the right side of the screen.

Participants must ensure they have a Wi-Fi-enabled device or home internet connection, as this training may not work on a .mil computer. Please provide a personal email address at the time of registration to receive a personalized link and access code.

PLEASE NOTE: Per the United States Forces Japan (USFJ) Instruction 36-2811, Marine Corps Order (MCO) 1320.11G and the IIIMEF/MCIPAC-MCBBO 1754.1A, NOWA is mandatory to be viewed in its entirety for all accompanied USMC and USN Service Members, DoD Civilians, Contractors, and their family members (military and civilian), as well as children ages 10 and up. In addition, all unaccompanied USMC and USN (E-6 and the equivalent or above) Service Members, DoD civilian personnel and Contractors are also required to view the mandatory NOWA brief in its entirety.

This virtual NOWA brief must be completed within 72 hrs. of receiving this email invitation. Furthermore, this training is almost 4 hrs. in length and there is no capability to speed through or skip across segments; it must be viewed in-full. If you need to break away from the brief for any reason, it will take you back to the last brief you either did not complete or did not initiate yet.

Completion of this training is captured and reported electronically to MCCS Information and Referral, Relocation Services and will be submitted to Base Safety at 1500 daily to reflect your eligibility of obtaining a SOFA license. Training completed after the submission time will be reported to Base Safety the following business day.

For questions or concerns regarding your training, please contact MCCS Information and Referral, Relocation Services at: 645-8395/7494/2104/2106 or email: MCBB_NEWCOMERS@USMC.MIL

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