Missed Registrations for Soccer?
PROGRAM Missed Registrations for Soccer?


If you missed registrations for the upcoming soccer season, please email
with the following information to be added to the Waiting List:

Sponsor's Name:
Sponsor's Email Address:
Sponsor's Cell Number:
Sponsor's Home Number:
Sponsor's Duty Phone:
Alternate Email Address:
Child's Name:
Child's Age:
Child's Birthdate (mm/dd/yy):
Child's Gender:
Camp you are requesting practice on:
Child's # of years participating in soccer (for ages 9+ divisions only):
Child's soccer positions played (for ages 9+ divisions only):

*If your child is on the Waiting List and you would like to become a Head Coach for a team that is without a coach, please contact us at 645-3533/34 and if the space is available, your child will take priority and be placed on your team.

All Semper Fit Youth Sports seasons are for children ages 5 to 18.

Children who are 4 years of age may be register for the season as long as they turn 5 prior to the final day of the season (05 May, 2018).

Proof of age will be required and the YS office will provide additional information if your child is placed onto a team from the Waiting List.

 (Dates are tentative and are subject to change)

Registration: 01 - 30 November, 2018
Practice Begins: 04 February, 2019
Season Begins: 15 February, 2019
Season Ends: 11 May, 2019 (tentative) 

 Become a YS Coach!

SFYS accepts Coaching Applications throughout the year for all of our sports seasons. If you are interested, please contact us at youthsports@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org

Thank you!

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