Comic Con Okinawa
DATE & TIME 10/14 SUN - 10/14 SUN @ 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION Camp Foster Fieldhouse, Community Center Auditorium, and Ocean Breeze
PROGRAM Special Events

Join us for the island's biggest celebration of all things super!

This year's #okicon will feature discussion panels, appearances by notable talents, cosplay contests, live art shows, gaming tournaments, meet & greets, concessionaires, entertainment and more. Since its first appearance in 2011 as a small promotional event held in the Camp Foster Library, Comic Con Okinawa has rapidly grown to capture the essence of the much larger conventions that are held worldwide. In 2017, the event was enjoyed by many with over 25 participating sponsors.

Comic Con Okinawa is the island's premier comic book convention hosted annually by MCCS Okinawa. Open to all SOFA, U.S. and Japan citizens, everyone is invited to join in on this epic celebration of comic book culture, cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy, manga and gaming.

Non-SOFA personnel (Japanese citizens and Non-SOFA US citizens) can access Comic Con Okinawa via the Camp Foster Flea Market gate which is located off of Hwy. 58, across from the Chatan Branch McDonald's. The gate will open at 9:30 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

オープンゲートイベント コミコン沖縄への日本国籍保持者又はSOFAを保持していない米国籍の方々は、キャンプフォスターフリーマーケットゲートから会場へアクセスできます。フリーマーケットゲートは、国道58号線沿いマクドナルド北谷店の道路の向かい側です。ゲートは午前9時半~午後7時まで開いています。

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