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Actor/singer, philanthropist and movie director/producer Michael Copon broke into Hollywood with his first audition for “Power Rangers Time Force” where he played the Blue Ranger. He was the main lead actor in Universal's “Scorpion King 2” and “Bring it On: In It to Win it.” He starred on the hit TV show “One Tree Hill” as Felix, was a member of the famous “Boyz In Motion” boy band on Disney's “That's so Raven” and has guest starred on “CSI Miami” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Reno 911,” “Scrubs” and many more. Alongside these roles, Michael has shown his diversity appearing in horror movies such as “Night of the Demons,” “247F” and “Killer Holiday” and has even shown his heroic side in action films like “Awaken” and “Worth The Price.”


俳優/歌手、慈善家で映画監督、プロデューサーであるマイケル・コポンはハリウッド映画「パワーレンジャー・タイムフォース」のブルーレンジャーでブレイク。ユニバーサル映画「スコーピオンキング2」や「Bring it On: In It to Win it」で主演俳優を務める。テレビでは「One Tree Hill」のフェリックス役でスタートし、ディズニーチャンネル「That's so Raven」のボーイズバンド「Boyz in Motion」の一員や「CSI マイアミ」、「ハワイ 5-0」、「レノ 911」、「Scrubs」等々、数多くの作品に出演。様々な役柄をこなす彼は、ホラー映画「Night of the Demons」、「247F」、「Killer Holiday」でも多才な

演技力を披露。ヒーロー役ではアクション映画「アウェイクン 監禁島」や「Worth The Price!」でも活躍。


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