Payment Information
PROGRAM Payment Information

Swim Team Payments

Registration and payment may be made online or at the practice pool. ONLINE IS PREFERRED.

A completed registration form is required to accompany payments. The form is available at the pool or download the form here: (two pages). You may turn in a completed form in advance (send your swimmer with it to practice) and stop by the pool to pay later. If you have registered for the prior season, your form is on file in the office and may be reused by the cashier. A new/updated form is required if there are any changes, at the start of each school year, and/or for the first season registering during that year.

Registration Fees

  • The base fee is $75 per season.
    • Any adult swimmer (19 years old or older) will pay the full fee.
    • The first youth swimmer (under 19 years old) in a family will pay the full fee.
    • A discount of $5 per season for any additional youth swimmer in the same family will be used until a minimum team fee of $10 per season per youth swimmer in the same family is reached.

For billing purposes, we have five payment periods per year:

  • 04 Jan (Winter 2021)
  • 22 Mar (Spring 2021)
  • 14 Jun (Summer 2021)
  • 23 Aug (Early Fall 2021)
  • 18 Oct (Late Fall 2021)
  • 03 Jan (Winter 2022)

Online Registration

Payment Days & Times at the Pool

  • Please contact the pool to confirm payment times.
  • Foster Aquatic Center 645-2211 / 098-970-2211

Payment Guidelines at the Pool

  • Cash - Exact amount only. We cannot issue change.
  • Check - The following sponsor information must be printed or written on the check: full name, rank, mailing address, unit, and phone #. If paying by check, the person writing the check must be present with his/her ID card. We cannot take the check unless that person that wrote the check is at the pool, with his/her ID card, handing that check to the cashier. Please do not send your swimmer with a check. Make checks payable to AMO/FOSTER POOL.  ID card must have the DoD ID# on it.
  • Credit Card - Credit cards may be used for payment.
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