TriKids, MiniKids, and Women's Only Kinser Triathlon
DATE & TIME 06/22 SAT @ 6:00 a.m.
LOCATION Camp Kinser Aquatic Center
PROGRAM Semper Fit Aquatics

2019 TriKids, Women's Only, and MiniKids Kinser Triathlon Saturday 22 June 2019

This is the 8th Annual TriKids Kinser Triathlon!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at The race will be held, rain or shine. This is a fun-focused, non-competitive event. Results will be published, but there will be no awards for placing.  

TriKids Race Age Groups
" TriKids Race is for age 7 years old through 14 years old triathletes
" Women's Only Race is 13 years old and older triathletes
" MiniKids Race is for age 9 years old and younger triathletes
" Age is determined as of 01/01/2019

" Registration will be online only ( 
" SOFA entry opens no later than 01 May at 9:00am and closes 19 Jun at 11:00pm.
" Local national entry opens no later than 01 May at 9:00am and closes 19 May at 11:00pm.

Swim Safety Rule for TriKids Races
" The swim test is on the honor system.
" Swimmers that have not passed the 2019 MCCS swim test must do so prior to the race, or they must wear a coast guard approved life jacket, for the swim portion of the race. We will have life jackets on hand if needed. 
" Swim tests can be taken at any MCCS pool.
" Current ODST members have already taken the swim test.
" Non-swimmers may still take part in the triathlon. They will wait at the swim finish, and then will be allowed to start running from the swim start to transition 10-seconds after the last swimmer has completed the swim portion of the race.

Swim Safety Rule for MiniKids Races
" Same as above, but an adult may swim with the triathlete. As long as the adult is within arm's reach, no life jacket is required.

Race Timeline:
" 0600-0630 Race Check-in - please check in prior to racking bicycle in the transition area.
" 0640-0650 TriKids Race Brief in Transition Area
" 0650-0700 TriKids Swim Brief on Pool Deck
" 0700 Women's Only Race Start
" 0701 TriKids Race Start
" 0745 TriKids Race Estimated End 
" 0755-0805 MiniKids Race Brief in Transition Area
" 0805-0815 MiniKids Race Brief on Pool Deck
" 0815 MiniKids Race Starts
" 0830 MiniKids Race Estimated End
" 0845 Awards - location TBA

Race Distances
TriKids and Women's Only Race (TriKids 7 years old through 14 years old, Women's Only 13 years old and older )
o Swim: 100 meters
o Bike: ~4 kilometers
o Run: ~1.5 kilometer

MiniKids Kinser Race (10 years old and younger)
o Swim: 25 meters
o Bike: ~250 meters
o Run: ~100 meters 

General Information
" Open to any type of bike in a safe operating condition (working brakes, no pegs, tight bolts, etc.).
" Helmet, shoes, and covered top and bottom of the body is required.
" Body marking only, no race number.
" TriKids: No parental assistance allowed once the race begins. Cheering is highly encouraged.
" MiniKids: Parents may assist, but not to propel a triathlete past another triathlete.
" Swim is a mass start.
" On-line entry only.
" Certificate presentation will be after the race concludes.
" Bike racks will be numbered and a spot will be assigned to each triathletes.
" Parking will be allowed in any lot away from the pool parking lot/transition area.
" Near the club, education center, CSC office, and shoppette.

Finishers Certificates and Awards
" Finishers' certificates will be distributed after the race.
" Estimated time for the award ceremony is 0845.

Course Maps 

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