August Preventive Health Month
DATE & TIME 08/01 THU - 08/31 SAT
LOCATION All Installations
PROGRAM Wellness

August is Preventive Health Month

Performing routine health maintenance activities is important to keep yourself in optimal health conditions. Here are some preventive health activities to help promote good health:

·         Get adequate sleep

Adults are recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, children and teenagers need even more. Lack of sleep can impair your ability to function throughout the day and it is linked to an increase of chronic conditions such as; obesity, heart disease, and depression. For more information about sleep visit

·         Eat a well-rounded diet

Make sure you are eating from the 5 food groups: vegetables, fruits, meat, grain, and dairy. Eating a variety of foods including foods of different colors (eat the rainbow) will help ensure your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs. For more information about health eating visit

·         Take care of your smile

Flossing, brushing your teeth, visiting the dentist regularly and avoiding sugary food will help promote good oral health. Beyond keeping your ability to speak, eat, and smile oral health is linked with chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. For more information about oral health visit

For more information about Preventive Health and other Wellness related information please contact Health Promotion 645-3910. 

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