Michael Golden
PROGRAM Michael Golden

Influencing generations of comic fans and professionals, Michael Golden is responsible for creating some of the most licensed and enduring material in the industry.


Co-Creator of Rogue, Bucky O'Hare, Micronauts and "The 'Nam," among others, Golden is known as one of THE artists on such characters as Batman, Doctor Strange, G.I. Joe and the Punisher. Golden's recent covers can be seen on everything from Spawn to the TheWalking Dead, to World Wrestling work. Recent covers include works on The Walking Dead, Deadpool, and Daredevil, just to name a few.


In short, no history of comics is complete without touching on the influence that this legendary artist has had on the industry. Recent books on the colorful life and vibrant art of Golden include Michael Golden: Alchemy, Modern Masters: Michael Golden,Excess: The Art of Michael Golden and Michael Golden: Dangerous Curves.


In addition, having served as both Senior Art Director at Marvel Comics and Senior Editor at DC Comics, Golden's lectures and classes in storytelling are sought after worldwide, with recent venues including Spain, France, Russia, Norway, Brazil, Chile and China. Golden's recent gallery shows include venues in New York City, Maryland, Spain and Russia.


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