Rodney Ramos
PROGRAM Rodney Ramos

Artist Rodney Ramos has worked on just about every major character for Marvel Comics and DC Comics with a flourish that makes him a master at his craft. He began his storied journey in comics as a “Romita Raider” at Marvel Comics, learning his craft under the legendary John Romita, Sr. Regular work on titles such as Psi-Force, What The!?, Thundercats, Punisher War Journal, Amazing Spider-Man, and Iron Man followed, as well as work on Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, and much more.


In addition to Marvel and DC, his works include masterful craftsmanship for clients ranging from Valiant, Malibu, Acclaim, Marvel UK, and Neal Adams Continuity Studios. He reached cult status with his work on DC's huge fan favorite Transmetropolitan, and most recently over Simon Bisley's pencils at Legendary.


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