Inclement Weather / Typhoon Policy
PROGRAM Inclement Weather / Typhoon Policy

Lightning/Thunder Policy
• Any occurrence of lightning or thunder within 25-minutes of a practice start time will cancel that practice.
• If lightning or thunder occurs during practice, all swimmers will be moved into the locker rooms and practice is cancelled.
• If swimmers are on the way to the pool on an MCCS bus, the bus will stop at the pool and then will be sent on the return run as soon as possible. Swimmers that have a parent picking them up will get off of the bus and wait in the pool locker room.
• If the swimmers return home on the buses, they may be able to depart earlier than normal pending the bus drivers' schedules.
• If in doubt, contact the pool: 645-2211 | 098-970-2211.

Lightning/Thunder at or after:
• 5:05 am/pm = Morning or Evening Masters Cancel

Youth After-School Practice
• 2:40 pm = 3:05 Practice Cancel
• 3:40 pm = 4:05 Practice Cancel
• 1:40 pm = 2:05 Practice Cancel (Tuesday Only)
• 2:40 pm = 3:05 Practice Cancel (Tuesday Only)

Youth School-Break Practice
• 7:50 am = 8:15 am Practice Cancel
• 8:50 am = 9:15 am Practice Cancel

Typhoon Policy
1. TC-2: Youth and Masters Swim Team practice is cancelled, pools "clean-up" (lane-lines stored, etc.).
2. If we go into TC-2 during practice or during the bus runs: If a dedicated swim team bus has made pick-ups, they will stop at the pool, then deliver swimmers to their home destinations once the  DoDEA/SAC buses have made their drop-off at the pool. If a DoDEA/SAC bus has made pick-ups, they will deliver the swimmers to the pool. Swimmers at the pool will be delivered to their home destinations.
3. SCHOOL YEAR: If TC-2 occurs prior to the regular swim team bus pick-up, the buses do not make pick-ups. Swimmers should go home via alternate means. IF A SWIMMER GETS ON A DOD/SAC BUS FOR SWIM TEAM PRACTICE WHEN THERE IS NO PRACTICE DUE TO TC-2, THE BUS WILL DELIVER THEM TO THE POOL. THE SWIMMER MUST BE PICKED UP FROM THE POOL BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN.
4. TC-1: Pools close. Pool may close earlier than TC-1 if weather conditions warrant.
5. TC-All Clear/Storm Watch: Clean-up procedures to re-open a pool after a typhoon can vary from a few minutes to a few days. Swim Team resumes no earlier than 24-hours after All-Clear/Storm Watch. We want to get back to practices as soon as possible, but realize that we cannot use the pools until they are in working order. If in doubt, contact the pool: 645-2211 / 098-970-2211.

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