2022 Battle Golf
DATE & TIME 06/25 SAT @ 7:00 a.m.
LOCATION All Installations Taiyo Golf CLub
PROGRAM Taiyo Golf Club






Format – 3 two-person teams will do battle. 2 person scramble


Rounds – Play two 9 hole rounds.  The team with the most points overall WINS!


Max of 9 Clubs (including putter) – Each partner must have a matching set


***Use common sense on similar clubs (i.e. Fwy woods, hybrids, driving iron equivalents) – need to announce equivalents before play starts


Scoring – 9 point scoring system – Each hole is its own game and points are assigned according to the chart below. Points are given based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd best score for each hole.


Point Values Tie 1st Tie 1st 3rd
  4 4 1
Point Values 1st 2nd 3rd
  5 3 1
Point Values Tie 1st Tie 1st Tie 1st
  3 3 3
Point Values 1st Tie 2nd Tie 2nd
  5 2 2


Lose a hole? Lose a club – The team that wins the hole will tell the team(s) that have the worst score which club they will eliminate.  If two teams tie for the best score than they decide together which club the losing team eliminates. They only lose one. If two teams tie for the worst score, they both lose a club of the winning teams choosing.


Once a club is lost it is out of play!


After the first nine is over teams reset and get all their clubs back to start the second 9 holes, however artifacts carry over. 


Holy Weapon – You may choose one club that is protected. This must be announced at the beginning of the match.


Duel – Twice per 9 holes, a team may “throw down the gauntlet” and issue a challenge to another team.  The team with the lowest score on that hole wins the duel. If there is a tie the duel ends in a draw with no effect. The winning team gets an artifact.  Additionally, if the team issuing the duel loses then they lose a club of the other team’s choice. If a challenged team loses the duel then they get to choose for themselves which club to discard.  If a team refuses a duel they lose a club of their choice and no artifact is earned.


Broken Arrow – On the 9th and 18th hole the team that is down the most can declare “Broken Arrow” and triple the point value for the last hole.


The Winds of War



Artifacts are earned throughout the game that can either help your team or hinder an opponent.  After an artifact is used they are returned to the bag.  Teams start out with three artifacts.


***Artifacts must be kept secret.  If they are shared with the group they are lost and returned to the bag.  


Artifacts are earned when a team does heroic feats  


  • Birdie (or better) 3 holes in a row - resets after 3
  • Hole out from off the green
  • Make a birdie after being in a water hazard or bunker
  • Win a duel
  • Eagle a hole (or better)


*** There could be multiple feats on one hole; all earning an artifact




Divine Favor – The Gods look down at you and smile.  You may take 1 stroke off your score this hole. Must be announced before you leave the tee box.


Poison Arrow – You may pick up an opponent’s ball that is not on the green and throw it.  They have to play it from its new location within the golf course.  Bunkers are OK.  Note: if you throw it out of bounds there is no penalty and you owe them a ball.  This must be announced before they hit their shot. 


Sleep – One player on the other team falls into a deep sleep and my not play this hole.  Must be announced on the tee before they tee off.


Magnetic influence – You may use the distance of the putter to make a putt good!  This is a one-time use. If you lost your putter, measure with the club used with previous shot.


Shackles and Chains – Team must play alternate shot format instead of scramble for this hole. Must be announced before any team tees off.


Reload – both players on a team get a mulligan and can hit one shot again.  It must be the same shot for both to try. This may be used on any shot. Any effects that are made on the reload are still in effect.


Reclaim – A team may bring back up to two lost clubs of your choice. Can be played at any time.


Lost Treasure – You may turn this in to get two more artifacts! Must be used immediately.


Curse – Team must take the worst of the two shots hit.  This must be announced before a team hits its shots and negates any effects to improve the shot with other artifacts.


Magic Missile – Team gets a free throw of their ball to improve their position. Both players get to throw it. This can be used anywhere on the golf course except on the green.


Dispel – You may prevent one effect being done to you either by an artifact or being forced to lose a club.  It may also be used to counter a positive affect for another team.  It must be used immediately before another shot or action takes place.


Rebound – Any negative affect being done to you instead is done to your opponent. If it is removal of a club, you get to choose the club.  Excludes effects from Duels.  This happens immediately. Oops!


Giant Strength – Your team gets to play a hole from the red tees.  If a Lady, 50 yards ahead of the ladies tee. Must be announced before any group tees off.


Weakness – Team must tee off from the Black Tees and cannot use driver or club of your choice for that hole.  Must be announced before any group tees off.


Thief – You may steal a random artifact from another player or return a lost club to your bag.  


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