Marine and Family Programs - Resources

Marine & Family Programs - Resources serves as your DoD family center for Marines and Sailors stationed on Okinawa. Our locations are staffed with specialists trained to provide information, individual assistance and/or referrals necessary to maintain the high quality of life you are accustomed to. Visit any location to speak to a specialist or attend one of many workshops offered to assist with transition, cultural adaptation and personal readiness:

Camp Foster, Bldg. 445, DSN: 645-2104

Camp Courtney, Bldg. 4425, DSN: 622-7739

Camp Kinser, Bldg. 1220, DSN: 637-2815

Camp Hansen, Bldg. 2339, DSN: 623-4522

Camp Schwab, Bldg. 3429, DSN 625-2622

Marine & Family Programs - Resources is available to positively impact the mission readiness of Marines, Sailors, and Commands, and prevent individual problems which detract from unit performance. Unit training is available upon request, and can be customized and coordinated with other Marine and Family Service programs to address unique challenges within the Command. 

Please email us at for inquiries, unit training requests, to request outreach support or to join our distribution lists.

Please email us at for inquiries, unit training requests, to request outreach support or to join our distribution lists.  You can also call us at 645-2104/2106.


The DSTRESS Line is a USMC program for active duty, reserve, veterans and retirees, as well as their families. Callers will speak with veteran Marines, former corpsmen, or Marine Corps spouses with years of experience on 'the green side' as well as licensed behavioral health counselors who have been specifically trained in Marine Corps culture and ethos. The DSTRESS Line is an anonymous behavioral health counseling service that gives Marines, attached Sailors, and family members a place to call and speak with "one of their own." It is a place to call and talk about stress in daily life -from the common everyday stressors to post-traumatic stress. It is not a medical service. DSTRESS Line counselors won't diagnose symptoms, but they will work with callers to help with a way forward. The call lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Calling options from Okinawa are:
1. Dial 645-7734 from any DSN phone.
2. Dial 098-970-7734 from any Local Japanese cell phone or Local Japanese land line phone.
3. Dial 1-877-476-7734 from any US based VOIP Line (Vonage, Skype, Magic Jack, etc.).


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