Private Organizations and Fundraisers

Currently, Marine Corps Installations Pacific charters more than 90 private organizations. As sanctioned under MCIPAC, these private organizations comply with the guidelines and policies referenced in MCIPAC Order 5760.1, and are authorized to function aboard MCIPAC in Okinawa, at Camp Fuji, and at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. 
Non-Federal Entities (NFEs) are self-sustaining organizations that are not agencies of the Federal government. They are established, operated, and controlled by individuals acting outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal government.  NFEs include local governments and private organizations.  A private organization (PO) is a NFE that requires and receives a written authorization to operate on MCIPAC facilities and areas in a manner that can create the appearance of an official relationship with MCIPAC (e.g. conduct of fundraising events on installations) . They include military spouses' organizations, youth organizations , community service organizations, and recreational organizations other than those operated by Marine Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. Butler 's (MCB Butler), Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) or Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni MCCS . They are not non­ appropriated fund instrumentalities (NAFis), nor are they generally entitled to the sovereign immunity and privileges given to NAFis or Federal agencies. They operate on MCIPAC facilities and areas with the written consent of the Commander , MCIPAC, or higher military authority.

The CG, MCIPAC has designated Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Executive Branch as the office that oversees the PO program.  The Private Organization Monitor is tasked with monitoring and validating all POs and ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations.
POs are in no way associated with MCCS. All POs are regulated by MCIPAC as per the order.

During April 2002, LtGen Gregson, Commander, MCBJ, issued the MCBJOrder 5760.1 with major revisions, replacing the previous Base Order 5760.1E. 
In March 2014, the revised MCIPACO 5760.1 was issued to clarify the responsibilities of effectively managing POs sanctioned aboard Marine Corps Installations Pacific.

For more information, please contact the Private Organizations office at 645-2494 or via e-mail at  You may also visit our office in the MCCS HQ Building 5966, Camp Foster, Room 308. All official organizations are allowed two fundraisers per quarter each year. 

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Reporting Period    

******PAST DUE ITEMS******   (updated 10/13/21)                     

3D Dental Battalion Officers' Mess (doing business as 3d Dental Battalion Wardroom) ACTIVE Calendar  
3D Dental Battalion U.S. Naval Dental Center Okinawa, First Class Petty Officer's Association ACTIVESchool 
3D Dental Battalion, U.S. Naval Dental Center Okinawa, Second Class Petty Officer AssociationACTIVECalendar 
3D Marine Logistics Group Chief Petty Officer Association (DBA 3D Marine Logistic Group Chief Petty Officer Association)ACTIVEFiscal 
3D Medical Battalion First Class Petty Officers AssociationACTIVE

3D Medical Battalion Junior Enlisted AssociationACTIVE
Addalana M. Weathersby Court #10 ACTIVE Calendar  
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Phi Omicron Omega     ACTIVE Calendar  
American Welfare & Works Association ACTIVE IRS       
Battle of Okinawa Historical Society ACTIVE Calendar  
Bechtel Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization ACTIVE School  
CAB Officers Club UNOFFICIAL Fiscal  
Camp Fuji PHA MasonryACTIVECalendar  
Camp Kinser First Class Petty Officer Association
ACTIVECalendar  CY 20 Budget Forecast
Classical EducatorsACTIVE
School Year
Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD)ACTIVE
School Year
Communication Training Center III
Delta Signa Theta Sorority, Inc.ACTIVE
School Year
Diamond Heart Outreach
E.C. Killin Parent Teacher Organization ACTIVE School  
Electa Chapter No. 25, O.E.S ACTIVE Calendar  
Elite Okinawa FC ACTIVE School  
European Football Academy OkinawaACTIVEFiscal 
Faith in Schooling Homes (FISH)ACTIVESchool  
Frances M. Jackson Chapter #46 ACTIVE Calendar
Freedom's Ring OkinawaACTIVECalendar 
Futenma Aviation Group 36 Charities ACTIVE Fiscal
Gladiator Junior Wrestling Association ACTIVE Fiscal
Healthcare Executives of Okinawa ACTIVE Fiscal
Helping Japan InternationalACTIVEIRS 
Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Professional NetworkACTIVE
Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Alliance (formerly Armored Combat League)
Hospital Corpsman Birthday Ball Committee ACTIVE Fiscal  
III MEF Chief Petty Officer Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
Island All-StarsACTIVEFiscal  
Island Wide Chief Petty Officers Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
Island Youth Lacrosse League ACTIVE Calendar  
Japan Birth Resource Network ACTIVE Calendar  
Joe Foss Squadron ACTIVE Calendar  
Junior Enlisted Association (III MEF)ACTIVECalendar
Keystone Assembly No. 71 ACTIVECalendar  
Keystone Consistory #85 ACTIVE Calendar
Kinser Elementary Parent Teacher Organization ACTIVE School
Kubasaki High School Parent Teacher Student Organization ACTIVE School  
Lady Ambassadors Fastpitch SoftballACTIVE
Lester Middle School Parent Teacher Organization ACTIVE
Magic MallACTIVE
Mama-San Papa-San Mixed Bowling League INACTIVE Fiscal  FY20 Annual Budget
Marine Band Members Okinawa Recreation ClubACTIVE Fiscal  
Marine Gift Shop ACTIVE School  
Marine Officers' Spouses' Club Okinawa ACTIVE IRS
Marine Thrift Shop ACTIVE Calendar  
Mihama Council No. 11 ACTIVE
National Defense Transportation Association, Okinawa Chapter ACTIVE Calendar  annual expense and CY Annual Budget
National Naval Officers Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
North Island Officer Spouses Club ACTIVE School  
Nu Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi AlphaACTIVECalendar 
Obelisk Court No. 170 ACTIVE Calendar
Obelisk Temple #187 ACTIVE Calendar  
Oki Alumnae Ch Delta Sigma Theta Sor Inc. (doing business as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.) ACTIVE School 
Okinawa Diplomat Youth Futbol ACTIVE School  
Okinawa Dolphins Swim Team Boosters ACTIVE Calendar  
Okinawa Island Youth BalletACTIVE School 
Okinawa Leadership SeminarACTIVE
Okinawa Military Lodge #68 ACTIVE Calendar  
Okinawa Nurses Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
Okinawa Roller DerbyACTIVE
Okinawa Veterans Resource Network
Okinawa Young MarinesACTIVEFiscal 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity ACTIVE Fiscal
Pacific Okinawa Players  ACTIVE School  
Phi Delta Kappa, Chapter #1451ACTIVESchool 
Recreation Committee   ACTIVE Calendar  
Rod & Gun Club of Okinawa ACTIVE     Calendar  
Rising Sun Commandery No. 11ACTIVESchool
Ryukyu USBC ACTIVE     Fiscal  
St. Sebastian Catholic Community GroupACTIVE
Scouting Organizations (Far East Council Boy Scouts America/USA Girl Scouts Overseas -West PacificACTIVEPer USFJ 36-3101 
Seabee Ball Committee ACTIVE     Fiscal  
Shisa Volleyball Club (DBA Okinawa Shisa Lions Volleyball Club)ACTIVE
Society of American Military Engineers ACTIVE     Calendar  
Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Association ACTIVE     Calendar  
Stella's GirlsINACTIVE
Sunday Night Mixed Bowling League ACTIVE     Fiscal  
Sylvester Pappy Cann No. 11 ACTIVE School  
Tiny Tot Sports, LLC DBA Tiny Troops Soccer ACTIVE
Torii Lodge #46  ACTIVE Calendar  
Tuesday Night Mixed Bowling League ACTIVE Fiscal
United States Field Artillery Association, Far East Chapter ACTIVE Fiscal
USNH Chief Petty Officer Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
USNH First Class Petty Officer Association ACTIVE Fiscal  
USNH Medical Staff Wardroom ACTIVE Fiscal  
USNH Second Class Petty Officers Association ACTIVE Calendar  
VETSports PacificACTIVEFiscal 
Wednesday Night Mixed Bowling League ACTIVE Fiscal  
Yomitan Beach Boys and Wahine Community Combined Service Rubgy Football ClubACTIVE
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc,. Omega Theta Zeta Chapter PROBATION
Fiscal  3rd QTR reports
Zukeran Elementary Parent Teacher Organization ACTIVE School  


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