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In the event of an emergency conditions on Okinawa caused by a natural disaster or crisis, all non-essential personnel may be evacuated off-island.  The III MEF Family Emergency Evacuation Webpage contains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and all of the forms need to compile an Emergency Evacuation Package (EEP) for Marines and their families to use to prepare for this situation. You can also stay informed through the AtHoc Notification Messaging System. If you have just arrived on island, your sponsor can help you register you and your family upon arrival.

Have little ones in your family? Visit "Ready Kids" to help them learn about disaster preparedness in a fun and interactive way. The Air Force also provides a site that offers all sorts of puzzles and activities to help kids learn about disaster preparedness.  Visit "Be Ready Kids" to download your activity sheets for kids ages 4-12.

1. Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) Information

2. Military OneSource - Preparing Your Family for Emergencies – (The Essentials)

3. MCIPAC/MCBB Order 1752.1B  - MCCS Mass Casualty Crisis Action Support

4. Typhoon Guide

5. Emergency Preparedness for Americans in Japan (U. S. Embassy - Tokyo) 

6. Calling For Help/Emergency Contact Information (U. S. Embassy - Tokyo)

7. Japan Meteorological Agency  

8. Joint Typhoon Warning Center 

9. American Red Cross Okinawa Disaster Preparedness Webpage 

10. III MEF Emergency Evacuation Page

11. Marine Corps Bases Butler/Camp Foster Disaster Preparedness Webpage

12. Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Information Portal

13. III MEF/MCIPAC/MCBB Order 3000.1G - Typhoon Procedures


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MCCS Information, Referral & Relocation Program is designed to make your outbound PCS or EAS move as smooth as possible. We have gathered information and resources to assist with the upcoming transition to the new location.


1. Attend the Smooth Move Workshop 

Per Marine Corps Order 1320.11G and Marine Corps Order 1754.10B, all active duty Service Members executing PCS and EAS orders are required to attend Smooth Move Workshop at least 90 days prior to transfer.

The workshops are available for attendance online and in-person. Please visit  the “Relocation Workshops” Tab on the MCCS Relocation Services website to sign-up for an online or an in-person session. Upon completion of the virtual brief, proceed to any of the MCCS Marine & Family Programs-Resource Centers on the following day to receive a checkout stamp. For an in-person brief, bring your checkout sheet to receive the Smooth Move stamp at the end of the workshop. 

2. Download or print “Smooth Move Booklet” and a checklist tailored to your needs. You can also utilize Plan My Move Tool on the Military OneSource website to facilitate your transition.



3. Use information published below for additional assistance.

To find contact details of the new installation, services, and resources that are available to assist you in your move and in your new community, visit an online information directory for military installations worldwide, MilitaryINSTALLATIONS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, contact the nearest Marine & Family Programs-Resource Center:

Camp Foster, Bldg. 445, 645-2104/2106 | Camp Courtney, Bldg. 4425, 622-7739 | Camp Kinser, Bldg. 1220, 637-2815 | Camp Hansen, Bldg. 2339, 623-4522 | Camp Schwab, Bldg. 3429, 625-2622

or email us at


Supplemental Message to MARADMIN 333-20 to Incorporate Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 14) Directions, effective 05 February 2021

MARADMIN 417/21 Change 1 to Reinforcing guidance for Marines regarding transportation, pets, housing, and quarantine-level-restriction of movement associated with PCS Moves to Japan 

MARADMIN 348/21 Reinforcing Guidance for Marines regarding Transportation, Pets, Housing, and Quarantine-Level – Restriction of Movement associated with Permanent Change of Station Moves to Japan
MARADMIN 108/22 effective 10 March 2022, the 2022 Peak Moving Season Preparations 

MARADMIN 198/20, effective 31 March 2020, all domestic travel for DoD components is halted in response to COVID-19

MARADMIN 193/20, effective 26 March 2020, all DoD International Travel is restricted to stop the spread of COVID-19

III MEF MCIPAC MCBBUL 1754, effective 15 September 2021, COVID-19 Preventative Measures


Find the latest travel requirements for the Air Mobility Command Patriot Express Flights. When traveling to the United States on a commercial flight, follow updates on International Travel Requirements & Recommendations.

Information about Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing at the U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa

The TRICARE Online Patient Portal (TOL PP) offers a secure and efficient method to access COVID-19 test results and/or export a vaccination record.


The Unit Sponsor Coordinators & MCCS Relocation Services can assist the outbound Service Members with requesting a Sponsor at the gaining Command using NAVMC 11799, Sponsorship Request Form.

To request a Sponsor, download and fill out the NAVMC 11799 and turn it in to your Unit Sponsorship Coordinator or MCCS Relocation Services at


Financial Planning Worksheet for a PCS Move (2011 PFM Curriculum)

Contact Personal Financial Management Specialists at the nearest Marine & Family Programs-Resource Center to set up a one-on-one appointment, attend workshops, or require additional assistance.

MCCS Personal Financial Management Webpage


MARADMIN 635-20: This MARADMIN explains the process for those Marines that have orders to recruiting or DI school and how to complete their travel claims


Checkout the latest USTRANSCOM PP Advisory for personnel that will be moving this summer.

Contact the DMO, Personal Property Office to set up your household goods shipment at:
Camp Foster: 645-0922 / 
Camp Courtney: 622-7561/ 9770 /
Camp Hansen: 623-4337/ 7029 /

**Military Families Making Summer PCS Moves Will Have to Follow These Strict Rules
Checklists, interview forms, and other supporting documentation are available at:

DMO Moving During COVID-19 (May 2020) 

5 Measures to Protect Your Health While Moving in a COVID-19 Environment (May 2020)

DMO 2020 Passenger Travel (May 2020)

DMO Outbound Shipment Form

USMC Personal Property Facebook Page  (Can only be accessed from a personal computer)

Shipping Alcoholic Beverages Brochure  (May 2019)

Inconvenience Claims - Informational Brochure (October 2020) has moved and is now available on Military OneSource

Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO)  Household Goods/Relocation Allowances Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Household Goods (HHG) Weight Allowance Location (April 2019)  


The Loan Locker Services are readily available for both inbound and outbound SOFA Status personnel to include active duty service members, DoD civilians, contractors, and their dependents. Eligible customers can borrow basic household items for free for a period of up to thirty days while they await their departure from Okinawa. A completed Lending Locker Agreement, a copy of PCS orders, and a valid active duty military, family member, or DoD civilian identification card must be presented at the time of pick up.

Loan Locker Locations: Camp Foster, Bldg. 445, 645-2104/2106 | Camp Courtney, Bldg. 4425, 622-7739 | Camp Kinser, Bldg. 1220, 637-2815 | Camp Hansen, Bldg. 2339, 623-4522

Click here to find a list of installations have Lending Lockers you can utilize while you await for your shipment to arrive at the new duty station. Contact them for further information on a list of items they carry as well as if an appointment is needed.


Navy - MyPCS Mobile App

Naval Supply Command Household Goods Webpage

It's Your Move - Household Goods Booklet for Navy Personnel  (March 2019)


Pet spaces are extremely limited during the peak PCS Season, May-September. Service Members planning to PCS with pets this summer should download the following forms to place their pet on the AMC flight waitlist and contact the Passenger Travel Office (PTO) as soon as possible for assistance:


Passenger Travel Office Customer Pet Tracker Form

USMC Passenger Transportation Facebook Page  (Can only be accessed from a personal computer)

Government of Japan Animal Quarantine Service (AQS)  Pet Exportation Webpages

Government of Japan Animal Quarantine Service (AQS) Information Sheet (November 2018)

Okinawa Veterinary Services PCS "Good To Know" Information Sheet (February 2019)

U. S Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Pet Travel Webpage 

HQ Air Mobility Command Pet Brochure (April 2018)

HQMC Pet Brochure for Commercial Airline Transport (February 2019)

Airline Customer Pet Handout (February 2019)


Headquarters Marine Corps I&R PCS Move Resources Webpage (Updated April 2021)
Temporary Living Allowance Brochure (Updated April 2017)

Housing Application

Click the image below to view the Marine and Family Programs Information and Referral Database!


29 Palms

29 Palms Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 760.830.6344


Albany Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 229.639.5278

Cherry Point

Cherry Point Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 252.466.6759


Check out the latest PCS Video from Hawaii:

Hawaii Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 808.257.7786

Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 703.693.9197


Iwakuni Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

DSN: 315.253.3754

Lejeune / New River

Lejeune/New River Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 910.451.1056/7796

MCRD San Diego

MCRD San Diego Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 619.524.5732


Miramar Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 858.307.1428


Parris Island / MCAS Beaufort

Parris Island / MCAS Beaufort Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 843.228.7351


Pendleton Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 760.725.5704


Quantico Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 703.784.2659


Yuma Information & Referral - Relocation Services:

Phone: 928.269.2034

2020 Marine Corps Demographics Profile:

This report contains the latest available information on the makeup of the military community — including service members and their dependents — in the United States and around the world.



Sponsor's Toolkit

Until further notice, Sponsorship and Sponsorship Coordinator Training will be conducted in either a virtual or an in-person format. To register for a class, please visit "Relocation Workshops" Tab above or contact the nearest MCCS Marine & Family Programs - Resources Center:

Camp Foster, Bldg. 445: 645-2104/2106/8395/7494              
Camp Courtney, Bldg. 4425: 622-7332             
Camp Hansen, Bldg. 2339: 623-4522/3055
Camp Kinser, Bldg. 1220: 637-2815                
Camp Schwab, Bldg. 3429: 625-2622

Training Materials:

Sponsorship Training Guide (August 2022).

Sponsorship Checklist  (July 2022).

Sponsorship Checklist - Civilian (August 2022)

Sponsorship Program Directives:

MCO 1320.11G - USMC Sponsorship Program (September 2016) 

OPNAVIST 1740.3E - USN Command Sponsor and Indoctrination Program (October 2021)

III MEF/MCIPAC/MCBB Order 1754.1A -  Personnel Sponsorship Program  (October 2019)

III MEF MCIPAC-MCBBBUL 1754 - COVID-19 Preventative Measures (September 2021)

Stay up-to-date with the latest DoD COVID-19 travel guidance:

Sponsors, as we continue to support the actions to reduce potential risk and minimize spread of COVID-19, please reach out to your incoming Service Members and their families with guidance on following the Restriction of Movement (ROM) requirement. We have updated the documents in your tool kit to help you be effective in your role as a Sponsor and your new responsibilities during the COVID-19 environment.

MCIPAC-MCBBBul 1610 Okinawa COVID In-Stride Guidance - Updated 26 August 2022

MARADMIN 204/22 Supplemental Guidance for Marines Regarding Transportation And Quarantine-Level - Restriction of Movement (ROM) Associated with Permanent Change of Station Moves and Temporary Additional Duty to Japan (4/20/2022)

MARADMIN 108/22 2022 Peak Moving Season Preparations (3/10/2022)

MARADMIN 417/21 Change 1 to Reinforcing guidance for Marines regarding transportation, pets, housing, and quarantine-level-restriction of movement associated with PCS Moves to Japan (8/11/2021)

MARADMIN 396-20 Reinforcing guidance regarding transportation, pets, housing, and ROM guidance for PCS moves to Japan (7/14/2020)

FAQ Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing

TRICARE Online Patient Portal

PCS Flowcharts:

Marine Accompanied PCS Flowchart (August 2022)

Marine Unaccompanied PCS Flowchart (August 2022)

Navy Accompanied PCS Flowchart (August 2022)

Navy Unaccompanied PCS Flowchart (August 2022)


Housing Application - Instructions

Housing Application - DD Form 1746 (March 2022)

Port-to-Home Residence Flowchart Process (August 2022)

Lending Locker Agreement

Housing Renovation Slide (March 2017)

Pet Policy for All Military Family Housing on Okinawa (October 2014)

Sponsor Checklist for Kadena Housing Process

AtHoc Notification Registration:

AtHoc Registration Brochure

Inbound Roster on ROM

AtHoc Registration - Sponsors How-to-Guide

Additional Resources:

PCS Checklist for Incoming Personnel (October 2021)

PCS Checklist for Incoming Civilian Personnel (October 2019)

Must Know Info for Marines & Sailors on PCS Orders to Okinawa (August 2022)

Financial Planning Worksheet for a PCS Move (2011 PFM Curriculum)

Household Goods Information with ROM Suggestions  (August 2022)

Overseas Screening Information

Children and Youth Programs

IPAC Inbound Information

IBI Member Checklist

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For any questions on the above links/forms, please contact MCCS Relocation Services at: 645-8395/7494/2104/2106 or email


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