Information, Referral and Relocation

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Accompanied Smooth Move 02.10.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Community Center Bldg. 5908
Accompanied Smooth Move 04.20.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Community Center Bldg. 5908
Accompanied Smooth Move 06.08.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Community Center Bldg. 5908
Accompanied Smooth Move 08.10.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Community Center Bldg.5908
Accompanied Smooth Move 09.14.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Community Center Bldg. 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 01.29.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Camp Foster Community Center Bldg. 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 02.05.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 02.12.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 02.26.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 03.18.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 04.15.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 04.22.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 06.03.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 07.15.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 07.22.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 07.29.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 08.05.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 08.12.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 08.19.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 08.26.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 09.23.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 10.14.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 10.28.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 11.04.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 11.12.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 11.25.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Newcomers' Orientation 12.02.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Community Center Bldg.5908
Newcomers' Orientation 12.16.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Sponsorship, Courtney, 03.10.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Courtney, 04.14.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Courtney, 06.09.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Courtney, 07.14.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Courtney, 09.10.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Courtney, 11.10.20
Camp Courtney Bldg #: 4425
Sponsorship, Foster, 05.19.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Sponsorship, Foster, 06.16.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Sponsorship, Foster, 07.21.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Sponsorship, Foster, 10.20.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Sponsorship, Foster, 11.17.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 445
Sponsorship, Futenma ED. CTR. 06.18.20
MCAS Futenma Bldg #: 407
Sponsorship, Futenma ED. CTR. 09.17.20
MCAS Futenma Bldg #: 407
Sponsorship, Futenma ED. CTR. 12.17.20
MCAS Futenma Bldg #: 407
Sponsorship, Hansen, 01.28.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 02.25.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 03.24.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 04.28.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 05.28.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 06.23.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 07.28.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 11.24.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Hansen, 12.22.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: 2339
Sponsorship, Kinser 02.04.20
Camp Kinser Bldg #: 1220
Sponsorship, Schwab 06.30.20
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3429
Sponsorship, Schwab, 09.29.20
Camp Schwab Bldg #: 3429
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 01.27.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: Palms Bldg. 2654
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 02.24.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Movie Theater Bldg. 1000
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 04.06.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: Foster Community Center Bldg. 5908
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 04.27.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: The Palms, Bldg. 2654
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 05.18.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 06.22.20
Camp Foster Bldg #: 5908
Unaccompanied Smooth Move 08.17.20
Camp Hansen Bldg #: The Palms, Bldg. 2654


Relocation Services: Your moving experience begins well before you receive your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Whether you are arriving or departing Okinawa, or acting as a sponsor to an inbound Marine or Sailor, knowing what to expect and who to contact will significantly reduce the stress of moving.   Whether it's your first time moving or acting as a sponsor or you have done it many times, Marine & Family Programs - Resources staff is here to help. Our office maintains the most current and up to date relocation-related information and processes, information on Navy and Marine Corps installations and much more!  We can help make your move to or from Okinawa as ‘Smooth' as possible.

Information and Referral: Marine and Family I & R  Specialists are available to provide individualized one-on-one assistance to assist with individual readiness and personal development. Marine and Family Programs I & R  Specialists are also available to provide assistance in locating information, resources and referrals, and coordinate unit and group training to include Personal Finance, Language and Culture, Transition, Relocation and Individual Effectiveness workshops.

Marine & Family Programs - Resources

Marine & Family Programs - Resources serves as your DoD family center for Marines and Sailors stationed on Okinawa. Our locations are staffed with specialists trained to provide information, individual assistance and/or referrals necessary to maintain the high quality of life you are accustomed to. Visit any location to speak to a specialist or attend one of many workshops offered to assist with transition, cultural adaptation and personal readiness. 

Marine & Family Programs - Resources is available to positively impact the mission readiness of Marines and commands, and prevent individual problems which detract from unit performance. Unit training is available upon request, and can be customized and coordinated with other Marine and Family Service programs to address unique challenges within the command. 

The DSTRESS Line is a USMC program for active duty, reserve, veterans and retirees, as well as their families. Callers will speak with veteran Marines, former corpsmen, or Marine Corps spouses with years of experience on 'the green side' as well as licensed behavioral health counselors who have been specifically trained in Marine Corps culture and ethos. The DSTRESS Line is an anonymous behavioral health counseling service that gives Marines, attached Sailors, and family members a place to call and speak with "one of their own." It is a place to call and talk about stress in daily life -from the common everyday stressors to post-traumatic stress. It is not a medical service. DSTRESS Line counselors won't diagnose symptoms, but they will work with callers to help with a way forward. The call lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Calling options from Okinawa are:
1. Dial 645-7734 from any DSN phone.
2. Dial 098-970-7734 from any Local Japanese cell phone or Local Japanese land line phone.
3. Dial 1-877-476-7734 from any US based VOIP Line (Vonage, Skype, Magic Jack, etc.). 

*If you have problems opening a link by directly clicking on it, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.*  


Smooth Move Toolkit


Per MARADMIN 221/19, effective 2 April 2019, all accompanied Marines and Sailors (attached to a USMC units) are eligible to bring their full Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) weight allowance to Okinawa. Unaccompanied Service Members (USMC and USN attached to a USMC units) are allowed to bring 600 lbs.

Smooth Move Booklet

Smooth Move Workshop Booklet (Online Version) (August 2019)


Financial Planning Worksheet for a PCS Move (2011 PFM Curriculum)

Smooth Move PCS Checklist  (March 2019)

TRS-Relocation Checklist for Marines (November 2019)

TRS-Relocation Checklist for Sailors (November 2019)

Personal Property/Household Goods/Housing

USMC Personal Property Facebook Page  (Can only be accessed from a personal computer)

Naval Supply Command Household Goods Webpage

10 Steps to the Move Process (2019)

Day(s) Before Packers Arrive What Should You Do (Sept 2018)

Shipping Alcoholic Beverages Brochure  (May 2019)  

   * - OCONUS Moving Guide

   * - Lost & Damage Claims

   *DMO DPS ( Step by Step Guide 

DMO Brochure - Military Moving Tips

DMO Outbound Shipment Form

Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO)  Household Goods/Relocation Allowances Frequently Asked Questions 

Housing Application

Temporary Living Allowance Brochure (Updated April 2017)

It's Your Move - Household Goods Booklet for Navy Personnel  (March 2019)

Household Goods: Information and Suggestions for Shipments  (April 2019)

Administrative Household Goods (HHG) Weight Allowance Location (April 2019) 

Transportation/Pet Transportation

USMC Passenger Transportation Facebook Page  (Can only be accessed from a personal computer)

Government of Japan Animal Quarantine Service (AQS)  Pet Exportation Webpages

Government of Japan Animal Quarantine Service (AQS) Information Sheet (November 2018)

Okinawa Veterinary Services PCS "Good To Know" Information Sheet (February 2019)

U. S Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Pet Travel Webpage 

HQ Air Mobility Command Pet Brochure (April 2018)

HQMC Pet Brochure for Commercial Airline Transport (February 2019)

Airline Customer Pet Handout (February 2019)

Resources/PCS Information 

MCCS Personal Financial Management Webpage 

Request a Sponsor

Military Installations Application (Military OneSource)

Plan My Move Application (Military OneSource) 

Loan Locker Form  (November 2018)

Navy - MyPCS Mobile App

For any questions on the above links/ forms, please contact our Relocation Section at 645-8395 or



*If you have problems opening a link by directly clicking on it, please right click and select open on the pop-up menu.*  


Sponsor Toolkit


MARADMIN 221-19 provided information on the changes to the Administrative Weight Limits (AWL) on Household Goods for Accompanied Marines/Sailors (assigned to Marine units) assigned to Japan.  The changes are effective 2 April 2019.

Training Materials:

Sponsorship Training Guide (September 2019)

Sponsorship Checklist  (September 2019)

PCS Flowcharts:

Marine Accompanied Personnel PCS Flowchart (December 2019) 

Marine Unaccompanied PCS Flowchart (December 2019)

Navy Accompanied PCS Flowchart  (December 2019)

Navy Unaccompanied PCS Flowchart (December 2019)

Sponsorship Program Directives:

MCO 1320.11G - USMC Sponsorship Order  

III MEF/MCIPAC/MCBB Order 1754.1A -  Sponsorship Order  (October 2019)

Additional Resources:

PCS Checklist for Incoming Personnel (April 2019)

PCS Checklist for Incoming Civilian Personnel (December 2018)

Okinawa PCS “Must Know" Information (December 2019)  

Financial Planning Worksheet for a PCS Move (2011 PFM Curriculum)

Sponsorship Request Form

Housing Renovation Slide (March 2017)

Household Goods Information and Suggestions - (April 2019)

Pets and Military Housing  

Overseas Screening Information

Children and Youth Programs

For any questions on the above links/ forms, please contact our Relocation Section at 645-8395 or


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