Retired and Veterans

Retired Activities Office (RAO)

The RAO acts as a binding link between retired Service Members, their family members and survivors to provide assistance with matters concerning benefits and entitlements.

The Retired Activities Office is located at Camp Foster Marine and Family Program Bldg. 445. For inquiries or assistance, please email or call 645-3159.           

RAO Volunteer Opportunity Flyer updated (2)


MCCS is seeking volunteers for the Retired Activities Office. This position offers retired Service Members an opportunity to support fellow retirees and their families living on Okinawa. Your experience and knowledge can be incredibly valuable in making a difference for people seeking assistance.You can make a direct impact by volunteering your knowledge and time to assist with Survivors benefits, Social Security benefits, medical related assistance, retirement pay, and more! 

For additional information on the volunteer position requirements, duties, and responsibilities please view the RAO Volunteer Announcement.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please contact



American Legion



Manpower & Reserve Affairs

Social Security Administration

On-Island Retiree Information Distribution Sign Up

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Veteran Affairs (VA) Benefit Advisors & Overseas Military Services Coordinator (OMSC)



Due to the COVID-19 protocols, the Veterans Affairs Office’s located at Camp Foster Marine and Family Program Bldg. 445 and Kadena Air Base Airman and Family Readiness Center Bldg. 220, were closed effective 20 March 2020. All appointments were suspended indefinitely. We will make every effort to reschedule appointments when the opportunity is made available.                                                              

For VA inquiries you may email OMSCJAPANOK.VBAVACO@VA.GOV.

Additional Resources

VA eLearning Offering Flyer 

VA Women's Health Transition Training Flyer

Click  Veteran Resources for additional resources for veterans.



VA Benefit Advisors

For inquiries on education, health care, life insurance, or home loans, please contact the Camp S.D. Butler VA Advisors contact located at the Camp Foster Education Center Bldg. 5679 second floor room 20 or call at 645-4027.

VA e-Learning Opportunities

In an effort to continue to provide informational services, the VA offers eLearning opportunities through Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). The Military Life Cycle (MLC) modules are for Service Members and their family members to learn about DoD and VA services, benefits, and resources that can help set them up for success, in and out of uniform. The modules include VA Education Benefits, Social and Emotional Health Resources, Community Integration Resources, VA Home Loan Guaranty Program, Vet Centers, Survivors and Casualty Assistance Resources, Reserve Component Dual Payments, and VA Life Insurance Benefits. To access these modules visit and enter the course code listed below:


BENEFITS AND SERVICES                                                         TGPS-US006

VA EDUCATION BENEFITS                                                        MLC-US013

VA BENEFITS 101                                                                     MLC-US014


COMMUNITY INTEGRATION RESOURCES                                 MLC-US020

VET CENTERS                                                                           MLC-US015

VA LIFE INSURANCE BENEFITS                                                 MLC-US019        

RESERVE COMPONENT DUAL PAYMENTS                                MLC-US022


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