Retired and Veterans

Retired Activities Office (RAO)

The RAO acts as a binding link between retired Service Members, their family members and survivors to provide assistance with matters concerning benefits and entitlements.

The RAO is open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 0900-1500 located on Camp Foster Bldg. 445.

For more RAO information please call 645-3159/3151.

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American Legion



Manpower & Reserve Affairs

Social Security Administration

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Veteran Affairs (VA) Advisors & Overseas Military Services Coordinator (OMSC)

VA Advisors

The VA Advisors provides a full overview brief at each Transition Readiness Seminar to include: education, health care, life insurance, home loans, benefits information and counseling.  

The VA Advisors are here to assist transitioning military members, retirees and surviving spouses of all branches.

The VA Advisors are available Monday - Friday from 0730-1630 located on Camp Foster and Camp Hansen.

Camp Foster Education Center at 645-4027, Bldg. 5679, Room 24

Camp Hansen Marine & Family Programs-Resources at 623-3035, Bldg. 2339, Room 119


The VA OMSC provides claim support assistance and additional information on veteran benefits and services. The VA OMSC is by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, please call the preferred location.

Monday - Wednesday from 0800-1630 on Camp Foster, Marine and Family Programs-Resources (M&FP-R) Bldg. 445 at 645-3508/3151

Thursday - Friday from 0800-1630 on Kadena, Airman and Family Readiness Center (AFRC) Bldg. 220 at 634-3366

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