School Liaison

What can the SLO do for you?  

Promotes and Enhances Education Services and Programs

Provides incoming families with information regarding DoDDS Okinawa

Assist with grade/credit transferability

Ensure School children and schools are supported by military command Solicit Volunteers

Organize Adopt-a-School Units

The MCCS School Liaison Officer is essential in providing school administrators with a conduit to military and military protocol.

Help communicate with principals, teachers or other school personnel.

Help parents in making their child's educational transition a smooth one in and out of Okinawa.

Help empower parents with information, giving them a choice in their child's educational future, in turn, making them their child's best advocate.


Facilitate a parental, military and school partnership to provide sustained quality education to students on Okinawa. To provide a smooth transition for students arriving or leaving the area.




  1. Where will my child go to school?

Your housing location will determine your school zone.  Once you accept housing on or off base, the housing office will tell you the school your child will attend.


  1. How do I register my child?

Once you know your school zone, please visit the schools Main Office to register your child(ren). If you’ve already completed some of the paperwork, take it with you.  You will also need a housing letter provided by the housing office indicating your assigned quarters. If you secure housing off installations, please bring your lease. You do not need to be physically living in the house at the time of registration.


  1. When will my child begin school?

It normally takes 2 days to process registration forms for your child(ren) to begin school.


  1. Can I register my child now?

Your child must be physically on Okinawa to register them. Although you cannot pre-register your child, you can visit the DoDEA Okinawa website at for the necessary forms to register.  Having much of that completed will speed your registration process when you arrive.


  1. Can I enroll my child before I have accepted housing?

While in temporary quarters, you can register your child at BHPS, AEIS, KES, KMS, or KDHS for those staying on Kadena or ZES, LMS, or KBHS for those staying on Foster.  Once you accept housing, your child may have to change schools if the house is not in the zone for those schools.


  1. What if I have a child on an IEP?

Please be sure to inform the registrar of your child’s IEP when you register.  It is also imperative that you have a current copy of your child’s IEP at that time. For mild to moderate disabilities, all DoDEA Okinaw schools have special education programs. If your child has a moderate to severe disability, there are specialized programs at certain schools. He/she may attend a different school if services require.


  1. What pre-school programs are available?

DoDEA has a Sure Start program which is a pre-school program for students who turn 4 years of age by 1 September.  It is not an automatic enrollment for all students.  It is application based. Applications can be picked up at any school between April and August.  Applications are scored against a comprehensive rubric and class lists are created in mid August.  Each Sure Start class consist of 18 students.  There are several off base pre-schools available as well as the on base CDC programs.


  1. When can my child begin kindergarten?

Students must turn 5 by 1 September to enroll in kindergarten.  They must turn 6 by 1 September to begin First Grade.


  1. Is there a gifted education program?

Yes.  Teachers or parents can refer a child for evaluation.




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