School Liaison

What can the SLO do for you?  

Promotes and Enhances Education Services and Programs

Provides incoming families with information regarding DoDDS Okinawa

Assist with grade/credit transferability

Ensure School children and schools are supported by military command Solicit Volunteers

Organize Adopt-a-School Units

The MCCS School Liaison Officer is essential in providing school administrators with a conduit to military and military protocol.

Help communicate with principals, teachers or other school personnel.

Help parents in making their child's educational transition a smooth one in and out of Okinawa.

Help empower parents with information, giving them a choice in their child's educational future, in turn, making them their child's best advocate.


Facilitate a parental, military and school partnership to provide sustained quality education to students on Okinawa. To provide a smooth transition for students arriving or leaving the area.

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