Single Marine Program

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Identify issues and/or concerns   

Directly/Indirectly affect Marines':   

  •  Morale  
  •  Living environment  
  •  Personal growth and development  
  •  Issue identification supports chain of command   
  •  Single Marine Program Purpose   

The SMP contributes to the improvement of total  force readiness, job performance, and retention by supporting the enhancement of Quality Of Life (QOL) for all single or unaccompanied Marines and Sailors.  


  • SMP Okinawa plans to start barcode scan sign-in system.
  • It will be started at Camp Foster SMP in July 2019.
  • This system allows patrons to sign-in/out to SMP centers by scanning a CAC. 

How It Works

  • [STEP 1] Pre-Registration on this page.
  • [STEP 2] Link your CAC barcode(*1) at Camp Foster SMP center. (*1) - The barcode printed on the back of a CAC
  • [STEP 3] Please try to sign-in/out by scanning.

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